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Sat 16 Nov 2019 23:37
Our Fifteen Minutes with the Lions (in Pictures)
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We were so excited to see lions as we rounded a bend and began an uphill bit of the road. Two females we thought until we caught sight of a young male at the head of the column. Unsure if this was it, we made do with pictures through the windshield and then side window.
We were three cars back and saw little until, by chance one of the girls decided to explore a rough turn off to find some shade. Then we managed to get alongside the action. One girl went to lie down, one further in the bush but the young male lay down in the track itself. Amazing camouflage. Deepest, loudest roar that be heard for five miles. So much has been written about The King of the Jungle – but – they don’t actually live in the jungle preferring bushland but they are just as happy living in the desert of Namibia. The boys can eat fifteen percent of their bodyweight at one sitting and actually go into a food coma. The girls do all the hunting and live as sisters their whole lives. Babies are born with blue eyes and grow to be the second largest cat after the tiger. Enough of many pictures could I take.......lots and I have added Trevor’s brilliant yawn picture seen next. My yawn picture later.
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                     REALLY EXCITING