Tas First Journey

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 12 Jan 2016 23:17
First Journey in Tasmania in Mabel Too
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We got up this morning full of vim and vigour, the young couple opposite – just finishing their holiday popped over with a few bits and bobs for the fridge and a couple of folding camping chairs. Funnily enough, we hired a camp table to use across the front seats for backgammon purposes and the lovely boys at Apollo were mystified as to our not wanting chairs...... Well, now we have a pair. The youngsters wanted no money for them, couldn’t fly them back to Western Australia, so we promised to hand them on when we fly out. A few spaces along from us we saw our first pair of rosellas. In the first picture look bottom left and middle far right, something very different to seeing a sparrow or a seagull and so looking forward to seeing more. Time to begin our Tasmanian At-Venture.
Two minutes down the road, well colour me happy a bug in a lovely blue, a minute later a Mack truck went by, I’m going to love it here.
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We had to pass the Apollo place so we popped in to swop our half heating toaster – done in a flash by Trev after a hug. Nigel was busy with someone but nipped over for his hug and we were put in Viv’s capable hands to sort a saggy curtain. Half the plastic eyes on the left had only the runner bit left, not the eye. Viv or Colonel Maintenance to those needing anything done, whipped out his screwdriver and in a few seconds had the offending curtain track off and the old eyes were soon seen shooting around the car park. The hooks look like several rutting paperclips had the good man wondering for a minute or two. New eyes threaded and held in by Bear as Viv screwed the track back - all was sorted. Hug for Viv. I got to go away with several eyes and a handful of hooks plus the screwdriver. Happy campers indeed.
Opposite Apollo is a nursery school called Little Bee.
On the road again, sung with a Willie Nelson accent, we loved the name of this takeaway.
Driving along we saw an impressive causeway with a modern looking building.
We would later find out that this was a wealthy mans ‘castle’. After his house was complete he got workers to dig up the causeway and thus he lived on his own island. The authorities were quick to tell him to rebuild said causeway as national shoreline has to be available to the public.
IMG_1214  IMG_1215
We loved the name Doo Town and at one of our many stops saw a Tasmanian Rental company who hope all their patrons ‘have a devil of a good time’.
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A eucalypt tree we saw looked like it had wrinkles at its curves and worm tracks made wonderful patterns.
IMG_1312  IMG_1327
We were to see many more worm track markings during the day.
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Our first sort of ‘one careful owner’ was an abandoned Millard............
IMG_1356  IMG_1357
Our first lavender field. We are too early for the sight many tourists seek out, later in the season there are mile upon mile of fields that look a solid purple.
IMG_1359  IMG_1362
After a busy day as tourists we pulled into the Big4 in Port Arthur and found plot 16.
Soon the hired table was erect looking resplendent with our ‘temporarily owned’ chairs, sun shining and warm despite it being late afternoon. Sadly Bear’s arm fell off as he hefted himself out of his, miffed that he had lost at backgammon....... Shower and supper time.
We put out a little bread for this superb fairywren, perfect shot but the speedy little chap turned his back just as the shutter did its thing, hope to see many more.
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This honeyeater was more of a poser. I was just off for my shower when I looked at him, he looked right back and could he shout..........
                     SO MUCH TO SEE