Week 10 Villa

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 30 May 2020 23:57
Week Ten at Sleeping Indian
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Sunday the 24th of May. The day began with our normal boiled eggs then I set about the front bedroom unit. The real pleasure came when I pulled my pencil stirrer from my empty paint pot and the dry skin came out in one piece. Extremely satisfying and a lovely clean pot to boot. It’s the small things..... Bear busied himself about the place and tidied ready for the boys to begin with a clear working space on the morrow.
Monday the 25th. The boys arrived promptly (own blog) at eight thirty and Lord Ron (Chief), Lloyd (Bossman), Baldwin (aka Barry White for his deep, silky booming voice), Benji (cutie, because of his shy smile) and very soon our view and patio had somewhat changed.......
......Lashley (Captain) seen arriving on the floating work pontoon.
Tuesday the 26th. Day began at five as it often does with checking the credit card. Aye Up two purchases at 91.18 and 92.68, shake Bear awake. Did you buy anything on Sunday ??? Glasses pulled on and coming to I went for cups of tea. Soon Bear was looking up what the two Merchant Addresses were. I looked at the actual payments – both in Canadian Dollars. Mmmm. On the phone to Tesco, put through to the Fraud Department and the lady began a list - 333.33 for jewelry, 71.49 for make up, 84.93 tried three times and declined....... A bad start to my day. The only not so inconvenient thing was that this particular credit card was due to end in June. Now the poor thing had to be put down by scissors after long and busy service. Time for another cup of tea.
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The day continued to get worse with the ongoing saga re furniture payment and monies owed from previous property manager. Bear went to the office at ten only to be pushed out the door that hit his foot as it was slammed by ‘her’ father....... Nothing for it but to do something destructive, out came the chisel, hammer and sander. Down came the downstairs toilet tiles in double quick time. Then I set about the ‘Victoria Station Men’s Toilet’ looking kitchen tiles. Very satisfying as I watched my bucket fill.
P5270011  P5270012
One or two came down and left a bigger divot than necessary but Bear was there, spatula in hand and up went filler. All done, larder back in place, now to nab glue and grout as the tiler gets to work next week.
Wednesday the 27th. Better start to my day as I actually managed to set up direct debits for water and council tax in Plymouth. The boys arrived to trim down the far pilings and lay the wooden base for the ‘big’ concrete pour. Soooo looking forward to that – hopefully a Mack truck and the fun of a pipe coming through the kitchen and lounge. Watering my bougainvillea cuttings a tiny frog jumped out, not sure who was more surprised.....and I have weevils in one of my new packets of rice..... Frog deposited for perhaps his first swim in the birds water dish and on to my next job.
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Thursday the 28th. Barry White (aka Baldwin) bimbled in at 08:10 shortly followed by Cutie (Benji) and as the clock struck 08:30 on went the circular saw. Bear is in the process of turning all the plug holes up the right way as it drives him nuts to see things like the kettle with the wire sticking upwards from the wall. I set about sanding the toilet wall to prep for tiling.
At half eleven the five internal doors came back just as I was finishing the lady painting (before and after) and missed the chap who apparently just dropped them off saying “the bookcase looks nice”, Crikey, spraying five doors and a bookcase in three days ???? Down I went to have a look. Oh dear, (you can take a guess at the words I actually spaketh.....) Each door was terrible. Lack or no prep-work, dents, tears, even dust sprayed on in a corner. Twenty quid a piece I would say OK but not one hundred and fifty each.....more fool me, what a terrible decision. Within five minutes Baldwin (aka Barry White had taken pictures on his mobile and reported to Bossman who had Lord Ron come straightaway. Within forty minutes the doors were going back on their ‘olidays – hope they have a better time of it.......on the collection journey the bookcase appeared. Not too bad but again not being wrapped in old cloths before transport we saw snags......it went away as well - in the house barely seven minutes.
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Friday the 29th. A very slow start but it did begin at five, bit of pottering, planning, searching the internet for bits and bobs. A pretty sunrise. Headboard, mattress toppers, valances and new sheet sets ordered from Amazon (sheets we bought for single beds too small as in fact they are USA twin size so they will come back to the UK for grandbaby sleepovers). The mobile rang – the glass cutters. “We already have a cut circle that measures forty-two inches”, not really big enough to protect a forty-six inch table....... In a flash it seemed, the men arrived and began once more on the dot of 08:30.
P5290006  P5290007
We beheaded and ‘befooted’ the bed. I just could not have any more of the brown wood, the wiggling, Bear tapping the ugly headboard and we gained six inches of space between the foot end and the en suite wall. Result. Next my beautiful assistant sanded the bits we need and chamfered the edges of the newly formed corners. At midday came the call we have been waiting for. The cheque for the furniture finally cleared, this has been a constant worry since week two back in March. (Monday saw you-know-who’s dad go to the store with three thousand EC dollars and the promise of the rest on Tuesday. Tuesday saw the ‘woman’ herself go in with four thousand and the rest as a cheque). I put primer on the bed base bits on the lounge floor. Late afternoon we got a call from Lady Ronnie saying our money had been paid by cheque but the bank would honour it. Hope we get a better nights sleep tonight.
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Saturday the 30th. We both woke feeling completely shattered and physically drained. The strain of the money worries finally burst the energy bubble. Bear helped me construct the bed base on the bedroom floor and put it up on bean tins for me to do the worst first coat I have ever done. Bear pottered a bit at the shower base and then we needed ‘happy food’ for lunch – cheese on toast, Branston pickle and a cup of tea. I snuck a win at backgammon then we went food shopping. Other than that, three of the Mickey Mouse Ear cacti (opuntia, nopal, paddle, or prickly pear to everyone else) are having babies – the other four are growing roots very busily. The trumpetbush has put on three sets of leaves and now looks like something new is going on at the tip. Went for a swim, supper and a hard-fought Mex Train that I squeaked a win. Huh. One episode of Osark and we crashed at just after ten.
                     MOVING ON TO EXCITING THINGS......