Kandy Date Night

Kandy Date Night
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So there we were settled in our ‘interesting’ digs, Bear had had some Zzzzz’s and I put out some bread on the balcony wall for the numerous little birds I could see in the trees below. A couple of minutes later we had a couple of visitors, not the feathered type though. The male bared his teeth at us, stuffed his cheeks like a hamster and knocked several pieces of bread to the floor. The female who looks like an alien in the first picture (because her eyes were closed) was a bit more timid. Some of the bread bits had fallen in our doorway and the male made to come in as he saw shiny things. Mmmm, Bear hopped into action (a move I haven’t witnessed in quite some time. Steady) picked the bread up and tossed it, the quick-as-lightning male caught each one. Enough excitement we firmly closed the balcony door, very funny indeed watching the pair cup their hands to shield their eyes, noses pressed to the glass to spy on us, just like a human would. Then the heavens opened. Not forecast but did it rain. Thunder and lightning added to the show. By the evening things had calmed and we went off for our date night.
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Bear drew my attention to the bookcase, well more a collection of shelves, the backs of which are blanked with cardboard – our shower room is behind and the cardboard stops people looking through the glass at our respective ablutions.........
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Down the very dodgy steps. Each top tile is cracked and the metal front guard on every one waggles – methinks an accident waiting to happen..... Up the drive and couldn’t resist the hibiscus as we went as it gave a bit of colour........


Looking back at our digs, looks great from here. Our room is second back on the top right. We crossed the road and there we were, a good reason to choose Vito’s.
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A man pointed through a building and told us to follow the corridor to the end and head up two floors. Up the second steep, flight we looked at the view (that old nugget popped into my head – be alright when it’s finished). At the top we headed toward the front of the building, up three steps and literally paddled our way into the inner bit as the outside patio was an inch deep.
From this height we could actually make out the queen and concubines bathing pavilion. We sat at a table and the rainwater didn’t quite come up over my flip flops but it was a near thing. I simple settled and didn't give it another thought.
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Bear chose garlic bread as a starter (look the other way, Sir) and as it happens a really cheesy pizza, I was bad and had carbonara. The waiter spoke reasonable English and we had a great conversation, many reviewers moaned at the long wait but our food came within ten minutes, was hot and tasty from the servery.
Taken through a plastic curtain. Should have taken a video of two of the boys lifting an upturned table to empty it of rainwater. All the channels were full to the brim and they must have tipped about two gallons out. We moved table to let another chap mop under our table.
The table centre was an attractive mix of repair and wires........I went to take more pictures whilst my ice cream was being scooped.
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Kandy, more attractive by night, even our digs look more ‘attractive’.
The prerequisite building site down on the left.
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Hotels above. Oooo time for afters.
A real treat, haven’t had flat ice cream wafers in years.