Leaks and Doubts

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 13 Mar 2013 22:57
Several Leaks and Major Doubts
BB Fixing Sink 001
The last week has been a long one spent stocking up, especially with the skippers beer (so much so Beez is a little farther down in the water), finding leaks and wittering. We have both secretly felt the full impact of getting Beez to the Pacific side. Lots of ladies here feel just the same as I do and we all agree it’s a tough call to go on.
The first leak was a salt water one. The sea tap Bear put in for me to rinse the dishes and conserve our fresh water literally fell apart. A quick visit to the chandlers and a major success, exactly the same pump and before I could say how is it going, it was all fixed and functioning. Marvelous.
 BB Eggs and Bits 006
Monday. We took Beez in to the marina to fill up with fuel and water
BB Eggs and Bits 005  BB Eggs and Bits 008
The skipper was far too busy to look up, when he did it wasn’t the best face.
BB Eggs and Bits 011
Stores going in the dinghy of Calico Jack, such a common sight as we all stock up.
BB Fixing Sink 003  BB Fixing Sink 002  BB Fixing Sink 005
The second leak was due to the nice boys in Trinidad not putting a washer into the sink pipe. Once again the kitchen became a no go area. Plenty of evidence during the repair. Next leak was from the plug hole, same problem. Oh is that a bit of a pate coming on captain.
BB Fixing Sink 006
Oh yes and is that a shiny bit.........Thank you, no problem, I think............Baldy.
BB Fixing Sink 008
Fixed, then the business of tidying Bear up before he spreads sealant everywhere.
Well the wittering continued as did the leaks, this time a tiny one in the sea toilet.
I now fully understand how the woman of the team buckles under the emotional pressure and wants to pack it all in to go back to a ‘normal life’. I thought of seriously bringing it up – out loud - to the captain. Plenty of emails back and forth and still loads of support for what we are doing from all the family. The best summing up and the push we needed came from Miffy. Thank you Miff, Bless You, and all of you.
Don't ever let the fact that we all miss you give you an excuse to come home early!!  How am I meant to brag by saying "my parents sailed most of the way round the world, but not quite all the way! " the balance should still be far in favour of your adventures, you'll be completely lost if you came back early.
Pearl Islands position (2)
With that message we braved up, did our final fresh shop today and plan to set sail in the morning for Contadora in the Pearl Islands. On the map above, thirty five miles directly below where we are, the star near Panama City. A couple of days exploring and a good scrub of Beez bottom then its off to the Galapagos.