Merry Christmas

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Tue 25 Dec 2012 23:45
A Very Happy Christmas to Our Barmy Army of Beez Neez Blog Readers
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Our Christmas spirit is beautifully summed up in this lovely picture of Kim one of our gorgeous daughter-in-laws. To us it means - Ageless Fun, a bit of Promised Mischief and a Pride in Everything. Perfect. Too good not to share.

20121212_145051 (1)


Family memories are so important at this time of year. Miffy kindly sent us this picture of the Christmas mobile he made at nursery school twenty one years ago. We passed it to him before we left and it is out of his own loft to hang proudly in the hallway Miffy and Rachel’s first house together. Their first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Just wonderful. 



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This year we had three new grandbabies. Jacob, Faye our Duchess and Seth born just a week ago



BB Fort and Braai 010


The Magnificent Collection



We are blessed with seven children, six other halves (no pressure Al), seven grandsons and one granddaughter. Indeed we are very blessed. This picture hangs beside us with Scarlet watching on (a birthday gift to me many years ago from Martin and Kim). Never a day goes by that we don’t look up and chat about this wonderful gang of ours. May it grow in health and happiness.



Christmas Ooops

Cold Paws


Our bit of Christmas cheer



Merry Christmas