Sakatia Island Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 1 Sep 2019 23:57
Sakatia Island Bimble
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We picked Irma and Kevin up at nine and were soon on the beach at low-ish tide.......Mmmm. More of that later...... So love the rock anchor on this local boat. We had a very high tide last night and the debris line shows how close the water came to this dwelling.
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With the help of some ladies on the beach and a couple of wrong turns until a lady left her front garden to put us on the right track to follow a path up from this ‘one careful owner’, passing homemade bedcovers and tablecloths for sale along the way.
IMG_0007 (2)  IMG_0008 (2)
A herb window box and a very neat garden.
IMG_0010  IMG_0011
A rustic house and a mum teaching her babies to scruff about.
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Getting somewhere now. We follow Irma and Kevin up a natural staircase, pass a jackfruit and down to cross an open field.
A poorly looking shelter with a very neat concrete bridge over a stream.......
IMG_0019  IMG_0021  IMG_0022
.........the perfect spot to have Irma and Kevin pose for a picture. Up the next rise we found a pineapple field. A lovely traveller palm with a little boy, one of three that bimbled along with us for a while.
At the top of the next rise our scenery changed to hot and dry.
At the top of the hill we found a tiny settlement - spick, span and so very neat. The view took in a couple of masts looking down toward the main anchorage.
One of the houses we saw at the top.
IMG_0028  IMG_0029  IMG_0030
We bimbled on through dry scenery.
 IMG_0032  IMG_0033
Up to the top on the east side of Sakatia to look across to Nosy Be.
 IMG_0034  IMG_0035
Down past solar panels and an electrickery box.
IMG_0036  IMG_0037  IMG_0039
 Down through a closed resort – loved the banana leaf lightshades.
IMG_0041  IMG_0040
Down onto the beach with interesting rocks.
A kingfisher surveying his kingdom.
IMG_0044  IMG_0045
Over some rocks toward the next headland. An apparently dead log but showing so many roots. The red plastic cap was the only rubbish we saw.
IMG_0046  IMG_0048
Past another resort and on to the next headland.
The tide really was out.
IMG_0051  IMG_0053
Over a rickety bridge, up a hill and down a steep ‘driveway’ we saw a sarong and tee shirt stall, next to it a bar. Silly not to stop for a cold one, it was now midday. Irma asked about a menu and the chap told us as it was Sunday they made paella. He checked there was enough, “yes, in about an hour”. Perfect.
A hopeful customer.
IMG_0052  IMG_0058  IMG_0060
A delicious starter of deep fried prawns and cucumber served with a mustard mayonnaise. We decided to go mad and share a bottle of wine. Out came the main event measuring a metre across, those who fancied could go up for seconds. Next came chocolate cake accompanied by a small coop filled with tinned fruit, espresso to follow. A lovely meal.
IMG_0062  IMG_0063
Just as we were leaving – out came the trigger finger..... We clambered over the rocks at the next headland and finally saw the yachts at anchor.
IMG_0064  IMG_0065
More fascinating rocks.
IMG_0066  IMG_0068
A brief stop to chat to some yachties and to watch children splashing about. (Beez Neez on the left).
Final corner.
Girls at anchor.
Baby Beez
The tide had come in a fair way on the southern side of the island and Baby Beez was having a whale of a time. I offered to go and persuade her to come back to the beach......
En route.
Still en route.
IMG_0078  IMG_0081
Irma strode out to meet us whilst the boys watched. Much laughter. Soon ashore and heading back to Canace, Irma and Kevin offered us a libation but as I was dripping wet and in need of a shower we headed back to Beez. Thank heavens we did, as I stripped off my favourite but elderly and thin elephant print trousers I was aghast to see the whole nether region from waistband to lower seem had simply shredded, not a sight for anybody, a massive hole with wet knickers on show. Poor things deserved a burial at sea but cannot risk them not sinking. Only kidding, but unlike most tee shirts and cotton items past their sell by date, the material of my trousers cannot stand up to becoming polishing rags – bin it was then. Sadly.......
                     GOOD EXERCISE AND NICE VIEWS