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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 16 Mar 2012 15:27
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I forced myself in to an upright position this morning and we went with Kate and Jack to Nippers, he looked so grown up in his kit. We watched some exercises, some cunning moves and a goal or two, then it was off to mums.

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Whilst major works happened in the hallway, I sat at a safe distance from everyone huddled on the settee. Cecily very kindly brought me a box of tissues and a carrier bag to put over my head. “You see, unless your throat closes and you have to be hospitalised you’ll get no sympathy here, and the ‘d’ doesn’t count unless you have the ‘v’ with it. Expect it to be over in a few weeks.” Thanks Cec.


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Later on, I pulled myself upright once more to get a picture of Mum and her three children - Beccy, Cec and Bear


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The whole gang, kindly taken by Kate – Martin and Cec, Tim and Beccy, Mum and us


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Fun with Jack and posing by the impressive ‘loan car’. The story with the car is a goodie. Martin and Cec had taken mum to the Three Choirs for supper last night, Martin had very kindly left the front door open so mum could see by the courtesy light to disembark. Later, during the meal a nice waitress came over – “Sir, do you own a big Mercedes.” Yes. “Well you have left the front door open.’ Oh, exuant stage left.


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There’s definitely a family Croc thing going on


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Three generations – the still poorly Kate with her dad and gran

Everyone went leaving Mum, Bear and I looking shattered. Monday I woke up as mum’s mobile trim lady had just swung into action at half nine. I got my head a few inches from the pillow thinking it would be great if I could be fitted in for a ‘tidy up’. Next thing I know Bear is coming in asking if I could manage some soup for lunch (it was a quarter to one). I have never been ‘felled’ by a cold before, what kind of bug is this.
Tuesday was a repeat of Monday but on Wednesday I scraped myself together for an hour at Tesco’s – wow, I’m a high rolling party animal. The voice is non existent and the cough any tramp would be proud of.
In the week croaking to MOTH I told her of the warning from Cec, she agreed and said “Oh it goes on for weeks.” Thanks MOTH.
I managed a few hours in Cheltenham on Thursday with many stops for snack, drinks and fell in the door absolutely exhausted.
All I can say is if I have had to be ill, this is the best place on earth to be. Wonderful home made, fresh and tasty food, (my favourite was lamb noisette, potatoes, peas and gravy), I was allowed to win the odd game of Scrabble and cared for in a five star fashion.
This morning Bear started to shepherd me to readiness (to be in Newport by ten to drop the paperwork for a two o’clock return) from half six onward. Bear has just left me with free wi-fi having spent a fortune on a hot chocolate for the privilege. I have caught up with twenty six emails and one from Joe saying after a nightmare few days of delays he is safely in Camp Bastion, much changed and grown in size since his last tour. He has asked me to thank everyone for their good wishes and to mention Help for Heroes and the brilliant work they do.
I’m not to be trusted behind the wheel so clutching his new Passport - but he mustn’t show his photograph to small children as it could permanently scar them – it’s Bear driving us to Miffy and Rachel’s for the weekend. I did get Bear to ring her this morning to report my status as bell carrying and disease ridden but Rachel said there are so many at work with the same thing that she thinks her immune system is up to the challenge.
Last pictures must be of my nurse and carer, the great lady herself with Jack who calls her “GG”.
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