Sullivan Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 22 Apr 2013 21:24
Sullivan Bay and Snorkel
BF Hawk Barts 078
Seen from the top..................
BB Hawk Barts 009
....................Our neighbour looked quite impressive up close.
BB Hawk Barts 134  BB Hawk Barts 124  BB Hawk Barts 131
After our Master and Commander photo opportunities from the summit trail, we went back to Vision for snacks and to collect our snorkel kits. Skipper ready for the off, I did point out that the white blob didn’t in fact add to ‘the image’. Around the boat we saw a few sharks and some really fat puffer fish.
BB Hawk Barts 148
Back to shore we followed a track to South Beach, Bartolomé Island.
BB Hawk Barts 161
No sooner than we had stepped onto the beach we were up close and personal with Galapagos Hawks (own blog).
BB Hawk Barts 158
In the surf we saw our first white tipped shark.
BB Hawk Barts 157
Then another.
BB Hawk Barts 163  BB Hawk Barts 164  BB Hawk Barts 167
New turtle nests, hawks, frigate birds. A rather lovely beach.
BB Hawk Barts 184
On our way back we found a little one who hadn’t made it.
BB Hawk Barts 135  BB Hawk Barts 140
Back in the panga, Chino said he had seen penguins, so off we went in search. A blue-foot on a great vantage point.
BF Hawk Barts 098
A Galapagos Hawk complete with shadow.
BF Hawk Barts 085  BB Hawk Barts 141  BB Hawk Barts 187
What a setting for a snorkel.
UW Barts 001  UW Barts 067  UW Barts 046
We had our own red-foot aboard as Tony’s feet had turned a very bright shade. We did see one penguin shoot through the water, stand up on the beach for a split second, flop back down and swim off so fast, no one had time to even pick up a camera, let alone focus. Our guides picked a spot for Chino to drop us off for our first snorkel. As always everyone fell backwards and swam off – me – as always, has to work my way in inch by inch, so pleasing that I can swear away up my breathing tube and no one can work out what I’m squealing about. Words like “it’s cold” and “I hate cold water” Yeah right, you even moaned about the Bahamas being cold. Yes, but like I say I’m OK when I get in and get going.
Once in and my first gulp has to be fought for, I get busy and forget the fact the water is in no way similar to being in a bath. That said as soon as I get used to it I can stay in for up to an hour, maybe here half an hour happily. Fish soon began to appear.   
UW Barts 043
New ones to our eyes.
UW Barts 082
With teeth.
UW Barts 096
Lumpy Head.
UW Barts 092
A happy blenny.
UW Barts 025  UW Barts 038  UW Barts 041  UW Barts 040
Bear did some serious whispering to get these chaps to sit still.
UW Barts 075  UW Barts 105  UW Barts 106
A ray with a stubby tail. What next. Loads of fish.
UW Barts 099
Sleeping beauty, resting on the bottom.
                     FABULOUS EXPERIENCE