Upongkor Bimble

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 5 Nov 2015 23:47
A Bimble Around the Village
We Arrived at Donald’s at the appointed time of ten o’clock, the good man popped out of an impromptu meeting that had been called by his potential in-laws. His eldest son, in his early twenties lives in the village ‘over the hill’, he works as a water taxi man and has apparently fallen in love. The girlfriends family appeared this morning to ‘talk terms’. Much discussion about pigs, the odd cow and where a house should be built. Donald was clearly put out about the whole thing, but we said we would go off and explore and come back late morning. Off he went back to the powwow.
We bimbled down the track and waved as we went.
Each house we passed had the ladies smiling, the children played.
Ladies cooked on ‘the hob’.
IMG_8724  IMG_8725
A house making use of a donated tarpaulin, in all other ways very traditional.
IMG_8817  IMG_8815
This water butt was destroyed by Pam.
IMG_8758  IMG_8759 
Yusef met us as we went in search of the old Presbyterian Church. He was so thrilled Bear had given him a litre two-stroke oil the afternoon before that he felt the need to tell me the story as if I had never met Bear before. I listened to his enthusing and then he offered himself as our guide. First, he proudly showed us the stone laid to mark the golden jubilee of the original church, disused for some time, but Cyclone Pam had a good go as well.
IMG_8761  IMG_8765
A sad sight, Yusef’s little one came too as I went for a look.
IMG_8764  IMG_8763
The memorial plaques each side of the altar looked in really good shape.
IMG_8766  IMG_8771
The roof. Time to go.
The newer church next door.
A humble place, loved the timepiece on the wall.
IMG_8774  IMG_8814
The wall clock and the bell tower.
Yusef bade us follow him. He pointed to his dad’s house that had been destroyed by Pam.
IMG_8760  IMG_8778  IMG_8776
No matter the condition of the houses, the children played and things had a busy feel.
IMG_8806  IMG_8805
The outhouse and the animal enclosure.
Yusef was very proud of the wild pig that he had caught.
IMG_8780  IMG_8808
His piglets and his chicken.
IMG_8784  IMG_8785
We followed Yusef down a well-kept path and came to an impressive two storey building.
IMG_8786  IMG_8794
When finished, this will be the yacht club.
IMG_8798  IMG_8799  IMG_8800  IMG_8803
The kitchen, the toilet, the shower and the garden, all work in progress. After our tour we went back to the main room and found juices had been made my Yusef’s mum. She had us write in the Visitor’s Book and it was lovely to read through the messages written by so many crew we knew.
From one of the side windows we could see Beez Neez was about to have visitors. We watched as the canoe went up to her, sad we were not there to welcome them and then watched as it paddled back. Talking of back, we’d better get back to Donald. We said our farewells to Yusef and wished him well for the future.