A+E to D Zoo

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 4 Sep 2017 22:57
Andrew and Edward to Dartmoor Zoological Park (Home of We Bought a Zoo)
IMG_3578  IMG_3581  IMG_3582
We arrived at the Zoo Park and found the capybara living happily with some geese and ducks. These happy chubsters are the world’s largest rodent weighing in at fifty five kilos. The capybara is semi-aquatic, lives in grassy wetland, close to rivers and we saw them in the wild in Peru. The eyes and ears are high on the head so they can be kept above water when swimming. They have simple webs between their toes that help with speed in the water. They live for about four years in the wild but can manage twelve in captivity. Gestation is 130 days, they have one or two young and their numbers are Least Concern on the Conservation Status.
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We soon settled to our picnic before adventuring.
A nice chap en route to see a fairly dismal bear and a very shabby wolf.
IMG_3510  IMG_3509  IMG_3512
A new one on us – the raccoon dog in nice, clean straw.
IMG_3513  IMG_3515  IMG_3516
Glad to have a zoom lens as we wouldn’t have seen these cheetahs.
IMG_3522  IMG_3524  IMG_3525
A pretty Carpathian Lynx.
We passed many shabby sheds with no animals and then took in a field where Andrew rounded up the Guinea fowl.
IMG_3530  IMG_3532  IMG_3544
A wallaby, a stork and a deer.
IMG_3534  IMG_3533
The simple joy of running back and forth across a mini-bridge.
Saying ‘hello’ to the goats.
IMG_3546  IMG_3547
Edward gives his melt-the-heart-look.
IMG_3551  IMG_3552 
We spent ages enjoying the meerkat antics.
IMG_3575  IMG_3577
We watched suppertime and headed off for our own.
IMG_3590  IMG_3592  IMG_3594
Every mouthful eaten, the boys played for a while.
IMG_3598  IMG_3599
Bath time ???? Edward thinks it is.
IMG_3600  IMG_3602
All clean, time to settle with grandpa for some milk and Paw Patrol.
                    QUITE A SAD PLACE