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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 6 Aug 2015 22:57
Land Trip Planning Meeting
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A little fed up with the constant howling wind, getting soaked every time we get in dinghies and having missed Suva and other spots on the way here, the Royals of Scott-Free and the Beezers of Beez Neez have decided to make a break for it on a land trip. The Sheers cannot come due to Rod’s poorly knee, so it is very sad the Stealthy Six will be the Formidable Four for the foray into the unknown.
Plans began to form after Bear had had a sleep on the beach yesterday, always a worry when he springs anywhere, let alone into action. By seven this morning his stubby digit was nary flying over his IPad, by the early radio call from Maj - the very same thing had been happening over on Scott-Free. Very spooky indeed, Chris and Steve had just finished boiled eggs as we had just sat down to eat ours, and no egg events to report............
At eleven o’clock, the very Royals graced us for a formal planning meeting, credit cards drawn. I fell about when Maj drew her pencils out of their dry-bag wearing nappies.No, they are wrapped to stop them stabbing a hole”. Oh OK, but they still looked hilarious to me. Settled with a cup of tea our chairman got cracking. Bear on support, me on scribe and Steve on telephone back-up. By midday it was beer o’clock as hands were wringing or being squeezed to head and the credit cards were still snoozing. Every reasonable hotel was unavailable and the exquisitely expensive were nice to look at....... Eventually by late lunch time Bear had checked there was a ferry service on Sunday, booked our thirty quid flight to Suva from Nadi and Maj had booked us into self-catering apartments near the town centre. Things began pouring out of the printer.
It was just as well we booked to begin on Sunday, today being Thursday, why not go tomorrow. We could have but neither pairing would have got any sleep. Water makers to settle, things to charge up, packing and pacing to be done. By four o’clock we had a white water rafting trip sorted and all travel in, around and to Pacific Harbour done on the bus. We left the next chunk of sand duning, fort bimble and turtle feeding in Sidoku, Sigourney, Sigaterra or even Sigatoka until another day. Rod and Brenda popped in for an update and by five we were at the bar, sheltering as best we could from the wind and reporting to the Sheers. The bar had all of six hardy sorts as the rest of the fleet had sensibly stayed at home in the warm and dry.
Sunset looks so peaceful, pity the picture has no sound as the wind was howling at an average of twenty knots gusting to thirty. No need to worry about scurf or nits I suppose..........
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Maj finally and not a moment too soon, sorted Bear out for his cheek all day. How he got away with it so long beggars belief.
                     GOOD PROGRESS – SLOW PACE