To Wanci

To Wanci
Namrole lived up to its name by being Nam-roll-eeeeeeee. Never so pleased to wave an anchorage ‘goodbye’, leaving the rolling behind at 06:30 for the two hundred and ten mile journey to Wanci.
The early morning ferry approaching as Bear hoists the main.
IMG_1534  IMG_1533  IMG_1536
A few chums but too far away to take pictures, the skipper enjoys the afternoon sunshine, such a pleasant change after all the rain we have had. An easy course with no lumpy bits in the way and depths to nine thousand metres.
Without so much as a preamble there was an almighty clatter on deck and our loudhailer was in many pieces.......Mmmm.
Sunset stopped our tri-ominoes – I did manage to sneak a few games back but still ten behind. Yeeha. Huh.
IMG_1541  IMG_1542
Land ahoy. Beez romped along all night averaging over seven knots. We had though to be in at around 18:00 but it now looks to be around three-ish. Our final bend.
A lighthouse standing proud on the hillside.
A local boat spun on the spot in his enthusiasm to greet us.
Wakatobi is an acronym for the islands of Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomea and Binongko. The city of Wanci is the regency’s capital. Wangi Wangi is one of the four main islands of the Tukangbesi archipelago and the Wakatobi Marine National Park (the third largest in Indonesia). We have high hopes for some lovely snorkelling here, hence the need to leave Namrole as we only have three days here before we have to push on to Lowoleba or Lewoleba – everything here can have many spellings....... How is our Indonesian coming along, I hear you ask. We can manage Thank You in Bahasa – Terima Kasih. Bank is thoughtfully Bank. Our favourite is dentist – Dokter gigi, and doctor is Dokter. Car is mobil and the rest is just too difficult.
IMG_1551  IMG_1552
Bear on our final approach. Without being asked Gino (the pilot and go-to man for just about everything) appeared over the back steps. His enthusiasm was infectious but his grasp of right and left was a little worrying. Our two waypoints were spot on and we worked as a team...... Beez wheel firmly in my hands......
The port side marker was a definite ‘one careful owner’.
IMG_1555  IMG_1557
Heading toward the barge, Gino asked me to keep it snug to my right. Depths no less than four metres below.
The locals are making so much effort to make a harbour here.
Snug to the barge as requested.
Apparently, over the other side of the new retaining wall there is some good snorkelling. Out with the viewing bucket on the morrow methinks. Little spinner dolphins sleep here and can be seen at six in the morning. Mmmm, maybe we’ll give it a try as we would love to see them, they like it here as the sharks stay away and they feel safe.
Our passage in looks rather amusing.
IMG_1571  IMG_1572
Once in a local boat makes her way through the handful of rally boats already here.
Gino wanted me to head behind Kings Legend (far right) but it was nine metres deep, I settled beside Paw Paw in four.
Our first visitor of the day “Mister, Mister”.
 IMG_1580  IMG_1581
Views around the bay.
IMG_1583  IMG_1586
Sunset promised to be a pretty one.
Kings Legend looking rather lovely in the pinks.
IMG_1588  IMG_1591
Antares and Gostoza Tu before the oranges gave way to the returning pinks.
                     A GREAT SAIL