Day 1 to SA

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 1 Nov 2019 06:00
15:56.55S  43:37.34E
Day One at Sea
We settled to sleep at one and the alarm going off at four seemed just a few heartbeats later. Up and washed, Bear topped up the oil and then we both went outside to attempt to duck tape the seam at the top of the black line on the left side. Acetone sniffing before five........we managed six feet or so toward the back and gave up as it wouldn’t stick at the front. Anchor up at five-thirty at the same time as the sun was having a morning stretch.
 At five-forty the boats anchored further down the bay began to make an appearance.
At six-twenty Slow Flight began to overtake (of course they would and such an ill-named girl – Fast Flight or Speedy Flight would be sooooo much more accurate), Oh a tiger at her nose.......well it is Halloween.....
The tiger (Kimi) finished her rounds and made to settle for the journey. Such fun.
Something quite special to fall in behind Geronimo, Vilja, Serafina and Slow Flight. Zoa, Umyama, Alexandra and Bonnie just behind. We have not been in a fleet like this since we left Roatan so long ago.
The fleet leaving Baly Bay. Within a few hours we knew we would all ‘spread out’.
Our final pictures of Madagascar. Bear told me he felt fine and suggested I go to bed as usual at six so we could get into our watch patterns from start. Snuggled and pleased to be on our way, I slept really well.
 IMG_0016  IMG_0017
I went out on duty at ten to find a busy skipper. The knob that sticks out of the cockpit radio was ‘waggly’, typical I had to take the whole thing to pieces to get to it. All back together, quick radio check and all was fine – well done Bear. Good to see he has his Kobo Book Reader set up and ready open at his next Michael Connelly. 
11:45. There is something very reassuring to me to see Bear sound asleep (often snoring) beside me in the cockpit, he’s happier outside as it gets so very hot in our bedroom and on a selfish note he is always near to hand if things get ‘messy’ with wind changes.
Sunset. A good first twenty four hours. Sea conditions smooth. Wind fifteen knots. To six o’clock on the 1st of November – 110.9 nmiles completed and the start of another lovely day.
                     SMASHING START