To Puerto Rico

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 7 Feb 2010 23:57
En Route to Puerto del Rey Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
We are thrilled to announce the late but safe arrival of Benjamin Alan Law this morning at 09:30 UK time. Congratulations to Sarah and Danny, a brother for Joshua. Cannot wait to meet him and give him a huge hug.
We jumped up and left Ensenada Honda, on Culebra at 09:00 our time and as we left the entrance we saw more boats out at anchor
Away to the left on the reef we saw a man and his boat
AND his dog, sitting watching the world go by. Vieques is the island in the background.
On the second attempt lunch was caught - and a fine looking chap - a tasty one too
We had to motor the twenty four miles as there was no wind, I put this picture in to show the sea was Rita Scale 1 - I think you would have enjoyed this... Funny for us to see tall buildings 
The entrance to Puerto del Rey Marina belies the fact that it has one thousand one hundred slips, can take yachts up to two hundred feet and has a one stop shop for yachts up to one hundred and sixty five tons.
The marina provides free wi-fi, cable TV and water so Beez Neez can get a much deserved wash down. A chap came to help us with our ropes and shot off on a golf cart. The walk to the showers is a fair way and the main office is some distance. Apparently the lads will come to your car and take you and your shopping, supplies etc to your boat. We will use it as a base from which to explore Puerto Rico, visit Old San Juan and find the famous frogs.
Puerto Rico
We are very close to Fajardo on the right hand side of the island