A Wild Ride to KLIA

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 23 Nov 2017 23:57
A Wild Ride to KL Airport
Beez all closed up, we bundled into Sammi’s taxi and off we went to the bus station. We boarded a very fancy, newish bus and while Bear went up front for the wi-fi code, I admired the curtains.
IMG_2201  IMG_2202
Very ornate indeed. We left on the dot of half eleven and before too long our driver had let an empty cattle truck get the better of us – oooo did that put his back up. He had to bib as the truck drifted within inches of us as he overtook. For the next solid hour our driver huffed and stayed within a gnats back leg behind the offending animal mover. This meant our offended soul would hammer down the accelerator and lift off. Eating an apple became such a laugh and eyebrows got a fair dose. Bear nearly fed me his banana and we both felt that drinking even the smallest sip of water could end in a lapful. I spent most of the journey with my feet up at each side of the head rest of the seat in front (luckily empty) in a sort of laid back squat. I wedged in like a second row scrum. We thought it would all go smooth when we hit the motorway WRONG. Our driver still wore divers boots.........Conditions worsened when we had torrential rain and visibility dropped so the up and downing on the gas pedal became more like a professional drummer on the double bass going for some sort of speed record.
Neither of us were sorry to tip ourselves out at half past four, which was actually ten to five due to a late bit of heavy traffic. Tune, our digs (with the red racing stripes) was undergoing a make-over but fortunately we found our room to be on the quiet side.
A huge room this time, we both had bedside tables and I got to be in charge of the lamp. Beds, stoic as ever, settled without fuss, pleased not to be flying today after the washing machine journey today. After a good night we should be bright and breezy to take on KL to Bangkok and onward to Mandalay. Excited or what. For now, a dull, wet view from our window whilst we eat our picnic.