Secret Place

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 12 Oct 2009 22:30
A Secret Place with Danielle
After a hearty cooked breakfast it was off with Danielle for a walk under the Salto Hacha Falls opposite, and, if no one was about she would lead us to where the guides went to escape the tourists, to her secret place.
I voted that Alan had the neatest touche, with Connie's a close second. Anne and Alan going through the first bit of the falls. Connie and Fred enjoying the 'harsh' cold shower
We went under the steep over hanging rocks, walked through the first 'quiet part' of the falls and on into the centre. It was deafening behind this solid wall of water. No picture can fully replicate the experience or help you to feel the sonic boom hitting us in the chest. The most surprising thing however, was seeing swifts behind the curtain darting about feeding on the insects. At the far end we emerged into the dry once more and had to wait while a group went back the way we had come.
The boys didn't mind the wait as they said these were some of the "best views of the whole trip"
Time for a few pictures and a hug from Anne to Alan "put him down, you're not in the pink house alone now you know" said a voice from the crowd.
After the others had gone back under the falls, we had to scramble up a very steep bank amongst the trees, down the other side to arrive at the adjacent falls called Salto Wadaima
This was a whole different ball game. The closer we got to these falls the harder it was to stay upright. Danielle warned us to keep well into the left as she didn't want us being sucked down the very dangerous "chimney". We were buffeted about, had a group photo and had to shout at each other to be heard. Then Pat called for the now statutory Synchro Display. I got in trouble for keep being swept off my perch. Sorry about nature.
Later in the bar in Ciudad Bolivar, we reviewed the days photos. Pat DEMANDED to know who was letting down the display. Anne at this point was fighting for her life. "No discipline" came the rock hard reply.
We regrouped and finally Pat was happy with the result.
En route back to camp the tired group trotted. Some of us went to have a natural bath with Pat's all terrain shower and hair stuff and a quick dip.
Back to camp for a hearty lunch. Farewells to Danielle. The Canaima Children's Choir royally entertained us in native costume, singing in Pemon, Spanish and traditional dancing. We bought their CD for £3 as the proceeds go to the upkeep of the school. They wanted to pose with Mike as they thought he looked like Santa Claus taking a summer holiday. Mike' shirt did not disappoint. Then it was off for our canoe ride across to the other side and the short walk the airport.