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Tue 26 Jun 2018 22:57
Pool Fun: Jack, Seth and Grandpa
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Today, we had the opportunity to collect the boys at three (usually they have after-school activities and we don’t see them until much later). The hottest day of the year at 29 degrees Centigrade, they were soon in cossies and shirts, slathered in sunscreen and in the pool. Grandpa climbed in and all peacefully posed..
Grandpa became a monster and whilst Jack held the creature at bay...........
IMG_0019  IMG_0020
...........Seth gathered the boat and for a short time the boys held the advantage.
Grandpa had plans................
OH MY. The boys were scuttled.
Payback. Time to warm in the sun and enjoy our last evening with the boys until September........how this week has flown by. Hotdog for supper, then Jack asked for a burger, Seth agreed, then they both had a yoghurt – not quite sure where Seth puts it all but it certainly doesn’t end up on his bottom which remains a very poor excuse to squeeze. “ Oh Grandma” is all I get. After showers, Jack and I finished Bad Dad as reading homework and then we settled to some snuggles before bedtime. A smashing time.
                     A REALLY GOOD LAUGH