Eva to Clitheroe

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 9 Aug 2018 22:57
Eva to Clitheroe
We left Dolbeare Park just after nine this morning. I did the first bit to Highbridge, where we stopped to get a refund on the towing mirrors Bear had bought before he remembered where our set were ‘hidden’, they were, really, really hidden. Yes, dear...... That done, Bear did the next two hours. We stopped for lunch and I did the next bit. We stopped for a snack and our final swap. As we reached Lancashire the clouds looked very jolly.
Leaving the motorway we were in pretty countryside.
IMG_0008  IMG_0010
Quiet road made a nice change. Shame a fence ‘jumped in’ my picture.
IMG_0013  IMG_0012
After passing Clitheroe Castle Keep and a little town, we received a really warm welcome from the managers at the site. Mike jumped on his bike and showed us to our slot, nearly at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Looking the other way along our row.
Awning up and settling done, I left Bear putting up my bird table and I went off to stomp. Down the next row of caravans, I found a gate and beyond, a children’s play park.
IMG_0015  IMG_0016
Behind the play park, the River Ribble. Rising in North Yorkshire, it flows for seventy five miles through Lancashire and ends up by flowing into the Irish Sea at Lytham.
IMG_0018  IMG_0019
To the right, a lengthy sit-on railway track.
Ducks and an old bridge.
Picturesque as dusk fell.
IMG_0026  IMG_0028
I finished my stomping on a Pitch and Putt before going back to Eva and Isabel..................
                     A VERY EFFICIENT DAYS TRAVEL