Villa Week 36 - Beez and Grouting

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 28 Nov 2020 23:57

Week Thirty-Six at Sleeping Indian


Sunday the 22nd of November.  Eggs, day off, finished Hannibal. A very restful day.

Monday the 23rd. I did laundry, housework (this chap watched me intently), popped up to the supermarket and enjoyed a video call with Bird, just then a very filthy, dirty boy came in. Bear managed to finish the sanding for the anti-fouling on the starboard side of Beez and then the pointy end along the left as far as the keel. I gave him lunch we actually went for a swim. We referred to Bird’s suggested watching list and settled to a couple of episodes of Ratched.

Tuesday the 24th. First thing it was nice to see a blue sky and a yacht on a mooring ball. Bear went off to Beez and once again returned covered in black dust. I couldn’t not do the front bedroom shower floor so in I went armed with the emulsion pot and wet sponge. Knowing what to do this time it didn’t take too long. By the time Bear got in I had just finished the second sealant coat.

Wednesday the 25th. Bear nipped off early to gather a few tools from Beez to advise, show and help one of Lord Ron’s men on his first wire installation. The set we have is new to the island but Bear was impressed at the speed the chap got on with the task by the time he left the deck wires were in place. After lunch and a cheeky five two win (growling) he settled to sanding down the propeller.


I put the third sealant coat in the front bedroom shower tray and then unsure what to begin next I sat on a settee with a juice – plan formed – I was looking at the lounge tiles and within minutes I was sitting on the floor with the grout scraper. By end of day I had done under the single chair, under the dining table and a chunk in front of a settee only evidence of work was in the dustpan. After showers and supper we began the next on Bird’s suggested watch list – Shadowhunters. An easy watch and some good fighting.


Thursday the 26th. We had no hard boiled eggs in the fridge to be ready for wraps, sandwiches or for me to lunch on, do you fancy eggs for breakfast and I will cook some more. Oooo, yes please. Mine as usual were perfection and Bear’s event did not disappoint. Bear went off to Beez where he used some epoxy filler on the hull, sanded and undercoated the patches then started to clear some of the excess mastic from the deck (that had been used to cure the leak at sea).


I took the grout from below each settee, spent some cleaning a blade on the propeller and finished the lounge end degrouting, a bigger pile of evidence in the dustpan. Bear came back at about four, wow look at the prop blade, your job then. Oh……, then we watched an OCC video presentation given by Norma and Phil (Minnie B – met in Panama) on their adventures through Indonesia. It was a lovely trip down memory lane for us.   


Friday the 27th. Bear went off to Beez to start antifouling, I decided to grout the lounge so I could wash the floor and put things back to rights. I pulled the settee out and saw a dark blob, that wasn’t there yesterday when I degrouted. On closer inspection I don’t know who was more surprised me or the gecko. I could see he had ‘cleared’ the few small spiders I had left there. I tried to catch him to put him out but greased lightning moves made me look slow-mo. I was worried he wouldn’t find enough to eat and drink. Bear came back paint spattered but assured me he will be able to find water in the fridge drip tray and he better get active with ants and the like.

Saturday the 28th. After breakfast (mine a boiled egg and a bit of celery), Bear went to finish the antifouling. I spent a couple of hours cleaning the rest of the prop then carried on grouting. In between lines it was wonderful to message converse with Maj. This afternoon it was smashing to see more boats in the Saturday race.


The black paint spattered came back and I fed him, he made me a cup of tea and at the suggestion of going for a dip I wanted to finish my last little dollop of grout. Caught in the act. By pot end the lounge, under the bookcase and a little of the kitchen was done.


At four-ish we set off for our dip. En route we vivsited a neighbour who has been building the neatest, best designed dock and boat lift. It may be a long job but the finish is truly excellent. Bear headed to the beach, I detoured to take boat pictures. The snorkel vessel (the listed over one that was drained and righted before) now looks in a terrible state after all the rain – half submerged.

The port engine completely under water and the one on the right – up to its nose holes. They will never work again.

Bear had a good soak and scratched paint off  with a softish kitchen scrubber. I only stayed in for ten minutes, far too nippy for me and then I took myself off for a little bimble. Stopping outside a beach villa as I spotted six or more hummingbirds. They flitted, chattered and fed, the villa owner came out and I assured him I was no stalker. He told me that he had planted firecrackers (small, long, red trumpet flowers) especially to attract them. “Enjoy” and off he went to leave me watch two different kinds (green forehead flash and two top knots thank you Pinterest for the images).

Sated on the hummers, I sat and watched the world go by and Bear joined me and together we caught the first bit of sunset.

Behind us a waxing gibbous moon, full tomorrow. Back for showers, supper and more Shadowhunters.