Jobs and Veg Man

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 10 Sep 2015 22:47
Chores, Jobs and Vegetable Man
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An industrious start to the day with Bear doing an oil change. I lend a hand at the ‘pumping the last bit out’, I’m happy being in charge of the squidging bit. Old oil labelled and delivered to the resort who mix it with lamp oil for the natural torches we see glowing at night. That done it was time to make a mess in the kitchen, one of the nuts has cross-threaded and caused a little leak from the water maker, so pleased this is a blue job and disappear to scrub the en suite. I decide to take the toilet to bits so I soak the two rubbers, the seat and the lid. I hope you can remember how it goes back together. Umm. The bad language drove me back to my safe distance as the cupboard under the sink was interfered with. Not sure if that’s a smile or a grimace as I nip through to the bin, retreating quickly only to return at the request for a bit of fluffy Velcro, don’t ask I didn’t. An hour and a half all was back to rights with a very sweaty Bear wishing to go for a snorkel to cool off. Just as we were setting off we saw the Veg Man and returned to Beez ready for a quick bit of retail therapy.
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Libertee II with its tiny outboard motor is a delight, this lovely couple arrive twice a week with fresh tomatoes, beans, radishes, cassava, limes and bananas. We had put in a special order for a dozen eggs which Millie the daughter was in charge of packing in our box, for the princely sum of two pounds ten pence. This unique little vessel goes to each yacht and even does a brisk trade from dinghy riding patrons. Time to nip off for our snorkel then home to rinse the toilet bits. Are you going to reassemble, oh no, that’s a blue job. Growl, it’s such a fiddly job lining up the rubber, bit of wood peg, bolt and washer. But you do it so well and there was no need to beat me at backgammon, fair payback. Grrr.
More ground burning opposite.
                     WHY IS IT I GET THE BEST JOBS???