Supply Boat

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 19 Jun 2013 22:47
The Supply Boat Comes In
BB Supply Boat 001  BB Supply Boat 002  BB Supply Boat 003
First thing this morning we see the supply boat coming in on her fortnightly visit from Tahiti.
BB Supply Boat 006  BB Supply Boat 009  BB Supply Boat 012
A stealthy bit of maneuvering got her in close.
BB Supply Boat 013
A massive push from the little boat got the Nukuhau within rope length.
At seven Bear went to the bakery only for the baker to tell him “no flour, no bread”. With that the skipper kindly let ‘the best maker of French sticks outside of Paris’ that the supply boat was in. “Oh I’ll make a batch this afternoon then”. Marvelous. Bear then returned for all the empty jerry cans and cash to get them filled on the quayside.
BB Supply Boat 015  BB Supply Boat 016  BB Supply Boat 017
I asked the skipper to take his camera with him to capture the action.
BB Supply Boat 026
Double glazed windows came off.
BB Supply Boat 025  BB Supply Boat 027
Diesel barrels, refrigeration units, gas bottles and building materials.
BB Supply Boat 022
Everyone busy and working hard.
BB Supply Boat 024
Townsfolk arrived and waited patiently.
BB Supply Boat 019
Bear told me that the man seated behind the table. AKA Yul Bryner look-alike was in charge of giving out chitties to the waiting people to hand over for their pre-paid items. One such man was just picking up his new, large flat screen television, with a cheesy grin on his face.
During this time Bear struck up a conversation with a local lady. She told him that the “island over there only has one mad old chap and his dog living on it – my dad. I grew up there until I came here for school and left for University, staying in America for some years”. Her English was perfect, she also said that she married a local pearl fisherman who maintains the blue/blacks are getting as rare as hens teeth, readily available are the green lustre. (Good to know). Sadly they are off on holiday for two weeks or she would have got her husband to give us a tour.
BB Supply Boat 029
Bear saw a different man to pay for his two hundred litre (smallest amount) barrel. The chap on the boat in charge of the diesel line said that was for the best as the high pressure delivery would just end up as a frothy mess outside the skippers jerry cans - neatly lined up. Bear paid a pound a litre, not bad considering.
BF Supply Boat 002
I watched from Beez, mid catching up on blogs, cooking lunch and swiftly putting up the conservatory and closing the windows when it came on to drizzle. The skipper did a bit of pacing up and down.
BF Supply Boat 005
Looked over.
BF Supply Boat 006
Finally settling in a rest position.
BF Supply Boat 010
This catamaran pulled up next to Nukuhau and filled up directly from it. The only other vessel to top up.
BF Supply Boat 012
Bears barrel was filled and he got down to filling the cans. All done and dusted by two.