To Ha'afeva

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sat 23 Nov 2013 23:57
To the Little Island of Ha’afeva
We left Pangai, Lifuka Island for the twenty two mile journey to Ha’afeva. We motor sailed through the Kotu Group. Away to our left was a squall that turned the sky dark.
All around are so many islands. In between deep ocean.......
Behind us, Leteoo Rock, a roost.
Ono Iki Island to our far left.
A little cutey called Koro Island to the right.
We anchored in ten feet of water opposite the main village. Within minutes Bear had a new best friend, Peter, who snorkeled over to greet us. He wanted Bear to give him rum and follow him ashore to trade bananas and papaya.
Off Bear went in Baby Beez – small bottle of rum in pocket. By the time Bear met Peter he was the worse for drink and offered him fruit that was far too unripe to be of any use.Fortunately his sister Polo was on the beach and interceded on the skippers behalf as she spoke far better English. The group then went to the dads house. Polo and Peters sister Star was visiting from Nuku’alofa, there she takes in washing but she used to cater for yachties here on this island. Everyone told Peter off and let it be known that they were unhappy with him for not helping out with chores and “he works for the Chinese.” Whatever that may mean. The family gave Bear bananas, papaya and breadfruit from their supplies and refused payment. They invited us to lunch after Mass tomorrow but forgot to say which church. Meantime I had prepared supper and was sitting in the cockpit admiring Koa Island (in the background) and lost at backgammon as I listened to the adventure ashore.