Admiralty Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 29 Jun 2009 22:30
Admiralty Bay
Beez Neez (bottom left boat) anchored in Admiralty Bay is a huge natural harbour and hurricane hidey-hole.
Port Elizabeth, the main town, capital, entry port for customs and immigration. A busy, interesting place to watch the world go by. The size of the bay.
To the left of the dock is the fruit and fish market, each day when a catch is ready for purchase you hear someone blowing a conch shell, rather quaint we thought.
Terry our taxi driver
Terry was proud to show us the senior school and the brand new junior school in the distance.
The Friendship Rose
is a tourist day vessel available for private parties, weddings and also day trips to Mustique and the Tobago Cays. The day we decided to go to Mustique a tropical depression came in and the trip was cancelled.
Friendship Rose is a good meeting place.
Locally these are called Laughing Gulls. One on Baby Beez. A group I fed off Beez Neez, giving them some bread as a change to their usual fish diet. Another day regional meeting.
The Frangipani Hotel - fondly known as Frangi
We had lunch here as it is featured in the 1000 places book. They are famous here for "jump-up" nights on a Thursday, steel band and barbecue nights, sadly as it is out of season these have ceased for now. The owner sat and chatted to us for a while telling us he had been in politics before returning to run the family business. Little did we know at the time we were speaking to Sir James "Son" Mitchell, the former Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Frangi is his home, hotel and also the place of his birth. Sadly due to the time of year they have not had a dinner booking for five weeks.
We sat and chatted to a local sheltering during a tropical downpour, he told us that the people of Bequia do not like the people of St Vincent visiting here as they are more "lewd, vulgar and loud". Certainly the people we have met here have been friendly exhibiting a kindly and patient quality, whilst being hard working and chatty.
We saw a Hawksbill Turtle pooching about in the bay one day en route to the beach.
Bear waiting quietly for me while a take a few photos of Tony Gibbons beach, also known as Princess Margaret beach.
There are some areas of the beach that has black sand mixed in which makes for some nice pictures. This tree standing on one leg and a manchioneel tree holding the sand.
A piece of driftwood made for a nice sundowner picture.
No one seems to notice the word "steep" when it comes to building access roads here. A lovely example of a 'gingerbread' house high up with stunning views of the bay.
Bear had a favourite boat in the harbour - no comment. We leave here tomorrow the 30th of June to move on to Hillsborough en route to Grenada.