Beez Neez and Irene

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 29 Aug 2011 22:08
Beez Neez and Hurricane Irene







   Beez Neez – Deltaville Boatyard, Virginia.

               Us – Manchester, UK. 




   We now know just how hard it is to see headlines like these:


   British Airways advising passengers to delay travel if they can

   25 killed by hurricane in US and 370,000 New Yorkers ordered to leave their homes

   11-year-old boy among dead as tree split in half and fell on roof of his house

   Obama warns 'this is not over' as hurricane spreads north across the US

   British tourists face days of airport delays as airlines try and clear a backlog caused by flooding

   Winds 90mph

   Up to 12 inches of rain in some parts of the US

   Road in North Carolina broken in five places as floodwater spreads.




   We feel like a parent does the first time their child goes up the big slide, when they have slowly gone up all the steps and at the top, they pause, let go with one hand to   wave down to you – a gut churning moment -                  there is nothing you can do but hope they make it to the bottom in one piece. Most of you will know what I mean.

   That’s just how it feels to be so far from Beez Neez as she faces Hurricane Irene without us.





   We have been glued to the NOAA reports and the CNN news channel, which have used words like – barreling toward and onslaught of this Category One and   widespread hurricane.


   Today it is all over. Bear rang the boatyard and fortunately all is well and there has been no damage to any of the shore based girls.


   Thank you to everyone who has rang, texted and emailed enquiring after the girls welfare – it is very much appreciated.