Komodo Snorkel

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 6 Sep 2016 22:57
Komodo Snorkel
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We swam from the back of Beez and found an exceptional reef, however, with so many blogs dedicated to snorkelling recently, the risk of doing the same old same old became a concern. My immediate problem was swimming through a bunch of sea fleas that nipped like red ants, after a while the pain and irritation lessoned and onward to shallow water.
IMG_4540  IMG_4539
A lovely angel fish.
Then a plan came to mind – unless we saw an amazing individual, this blog had to be about pairs or more. Gin and Michael came over our way and told us the fish at their end of the bay were stunning, back we went to Beez to load ourselves in Baby Beez and head over, our steed ready at hand as the light was beginning to fade. Next problem was to once again run the gauntlet and boy, oh boy, did I get hit. Hundreds of sea fleas just as I neared the back of the girl – not a one in the shallower water. Once in Baby Beez I began picking the little rascals out of my swimsuit, no bigger than a pinhead and see-through – so done by feel. The fish over the other side were beautiful and we spent until dark exploring. Normally, we look up every so often to check for sharks, here a bit of a unique one – look up in case a Komodo dragon was in for a dip.......................pleased they don’t hunt in water but still.......
IMG_4557  IMG_3616  IMG_4531
A whip coral at over six feet in length. What I looked like all over – this picture was during the burn but before the itch and swelling stage. So now for pairs (not forgetting about brown jobs) or groups starting with a couple of cleaners.
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                     REALLY NICE