Beez to 20/01/19

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 20 Jan 2019 23:57
Beez Neez to the 20th of January 2019
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Monday the 14th. Back to Mrs Chew, the pocket-rocket of a dentist for another just shy of two hours – prep-work for crowns and bridge. Then the usual round of shops with a quick detour to Mr Lim in the port for Bear to replace an exploded pair of glasses, honestly the frames just fell apart. I enjoyed watching the ladies rifling through hundreds of frames to find something suitable for Bear’s pebbles. It made him laugh that he was given no choice, frames found, pebbles in and on they went, next thing he is paying twenty-six pounds and we were on our way. A quick stop at our favourite duty-free, be rude not to stock-pile as we won’t be able to buy in most countries en route to Africa. I came out sporting a three-litre box of voddy for six pounds ninety-one as Bear cuddled a litre bottle of Jack at a whopping twelve pounds eighty-seven, for special occasions only, sipping......... 
Tuesday the 15th. Bear got stuck in to working on the new autopilot, lots of high-pitched Dremel drilling had me shuddering back in Mrs Chew’s chair but I had a pile of admin. First was the forms sent by the agent in The Maldives, even though we only want to stop in Gan to refuel and spend up to a week there were three pages to fill in. The printer decided to buck and throw me refusing to print any red. Head cleaning, deep cleaning and fist shaking for a few hours. Finally I got the three forms scanned back to Asadhulla who confirm their arrival with a new list of requirements. On arrival we have a specific Lat and Long to wait for the authorities who will need five copies of Crew List, four copies of Ship Registration, one Medicines List, four of this form, three copies of our Alcohol List and four copies of our Last Ten Ports of Call. More snarling and outstaring of the printer as I got as much ready as possible and added to The Onward Folder behind out Sri Lankan forms and online Visas. Pool at half five where the sun forgot what it was supposed to do and a very stiff breeze took hold. As we left we watched a poor waiter fight to set up a romantic table on the beach, don’t think the flower arch stands much chance..............
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Wednesday the 16th. Bear had a lie-in...........again........that’s a bit harsh anyone would think I’m dragging the job out........Mmmmm. For
Thursday the 17th. Bear started working – still the autopilot, when I got an email saying that Mrs Chew could fit me in if I turned up at half past twelve. Of course I’m coming with you. Bear is in many ways simply the best. I had to wait quite some time but no sooner than I handed over my temporary crown (that had been good enough to sit in place) I was in the pocket rocket’s chair, had injections, other crown out, quick rub down of stumps and new crowns and my bridge were in place. Straight to KFC for a much needed sit down and nibble chips on my front teeth like a rabbit. Then we went to pick up our shopping pads for Sleeping Indian, very exciting, these are to be included in the Welcome Pack for clients, now to find someone who prints pens. A slimmed down shopping list meant only one stop and we returned to Rebak on the four thirty ferry. In the pool just after five.
Beez from Jan 2
Friday the 18th. Bear finished the autopilot YAY. I gave up with the printer deleting all it’s programs and reloading. Better, but now not recognised as my scanner......... Two more forms for Sri Lanka and in the end I took photographs of them and emailed them off to Harsha having given up the fight. Bear looked at my face and promised me a new cheapie or a service for the errant beast next time we go to town. Jan (Jennie D) sent us a couple of gorgeous pictures of Beez that she took in Indonesia. Thank you Lovely Lady.
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Saturday the 19th. Bear pottered about the estate catching up on a list of little jobs he had missed while accompanying me to the dentist. Extensive email and photographs (quick one of the girl’s engine) to our prospective insurers in New Caledonia. Date night, well fish and chips in the yachties cafe which was very nice indeed. The company wasn’t too bad either........Steady.
Sunday the 20th. Eggs, NCIS New Orleans and a slack morning. Bit of housework, stomping but still somehow late to the pool.