Beez and Mirador

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 23 Apr 2013 22:47
A Visit to Beez Neez and Back to Being Tourists
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 001
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 003
Overnight Galapagos Vision motor sailed to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, as soon as we had eaten breakfast Chino gave us a lift home – just for a couple of hours. Before we left we said our ‘farewells’ to Tony and Max, Eli and Tabeat and also Liliana. (This mornings activity was to visit the Darwin Research Centre, we didn’t feel the need to go again). Beez is just to the left of the tallest mast. All was well and Bear was delighted that the power level had only dropped to ninety two per cent. The solar panels and wind generator are doing their jobs, good stuff. The girl has a new green/brown beard with a certain amount of grass, chore one when we get back  to her.
Just before Chino was due to pick us up a water taxi passed with Captain Douglas and Busy aboard, they swung back round and off we went, difficult to leave the girl once more. Aboard Vision were Bob and Janet from Pennsylvania, our new shipmates. After lunch the six passengers went ashore and jumped into two taxis with our guide. Off to the highlands.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 005  BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 012
We left the road, drove along a private track until we got out at the craters.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 006
Los Gemelos, or the Twin Craters, are located opposite each other on both sides of the road leading from Puerto Ayora to Baltra. The name is only figurative; not real craters, these formations were created by the collapse of surface material in underground fissures and chambers. The view was breathtaking.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 016
We left the craters and bimbled slowly, keeping our eyes open for creatures, birds and tortoises. From here we could see the look out on the top of the hill. Thankfully, Ronaldo told us we were to be driven up.
BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 025  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 027
A Smooth-billed Ani looked very handsome.
BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 085  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 001  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 038
We saw lots of colour, warblers and mockingbirds and plenty of butterflies.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 022  BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 019
We wandered up to a restaurant and were served lemongrass tea – looking at a tortoise shell. Outside was of all things a duck pond.
BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 050
Complete with ducks and moorhens.
 BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 068  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 048  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 040
New exotic creatures are now our norm but it was lovely to watch the ducks for a while.
BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 070  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 069
Back in the cars, en route to the mirador this chap was across the road. Nice to be up close and personal until the tiny fire ants made meals of our feet. These nasty little things wouldn’t let up, their acid bites had us hopping and itching. Back in the cars.
BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 033  BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 032
Not sorry in the intense heat of the afternoon that we were driving up to the lookout.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 040  BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 029
The views were across very lush valleys.
BF Mirador, Santa Cruz 080
We watched afternoon rain clouds gather and disappear just as quickly.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 048
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 047
 Back toward town we passed a couple of villages. Back at the quayside we said ‘farewell’ to Ronaldo, he had finished his ten day stint and was looking forward to his days off. We were looking forward to our overnight passage to Espanola – YeeHa - we get to hopefully see Waved Albatross on the morrow......
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 055  BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 056
Waiting for Chino there was time to pose in a cool way.
BB Mirador, Santa Cruz 058
Ok just one cute one.