Namrole Evening

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 3 Aug 2016 22:57
Namrole Evening
Back ashore just after five we stood to watch the boat race (Beez centre picture between two cats).
The paddling action is three or four short, sharp pulls then the same on the other side. They hoofed along at quite a speed. There was one non-starter but after a rebalance and a push from his mate he set off in hot pursuit.
IMG_1333  IMG_1334
The trust but wobbly water taxis had to hold fast until after the race, easily won by the favourite.
I was determined to get some pictures of faces this evening, but first, a close by my favourite photo-bomber, Deb (Matilda).
IMG_1337  IMG_1338  IMG_1332
John (Hybreasail) currently and wisely nursing a small scratch picked up on the rough concrete steps in Banda. Rally tally so far – three confirmed cases of malaria, one recurrence of dengue and several Banda bellies. On I went to find some happy locals so ready to pose. In return I had to reciprocate and ended up posing with Mike (Soul) for hundreds of pictures until our cheeks ached. We both feel sure that minutes after each shot we are up on FB as Mister and Mister..........
I loved the dignity of this lady. The workers in the fields put home-made paste on their faces as it is thought that a sunburned face is a sign of poverty. Her carrier bag hat puts the final touch of class to her powerful _expression_.
IMG_1345  IMG_1346
Smiling children. More quid pro quo on photographs until cheeks need a rest.
Brian (Hybreasail) and a cool chick.
IMG_1351  IMG_1343
Young bucks. Yet again, as we have seen so often before  - the two fingers raised in what they think is a sign for hello.
This man was rightly very proud of his two little girls. After stooping so many times I found it easier to swing the little ones into my arms.
IMG_1344  IMG_1339  IMG_1354
Wonderful to see so many smiling faces and perhaps one mystified......
I couldn’t help it - my favourite.
Settled under the gazebos we were given monkey nuts and some fish smelling rice cracker. A snack consisted of a half banana in batter and half a potato with some hot sauce and later supper of chicken and rice. There was a sort of disco at the far end of the parade ground but most people were happy to sit and chat. We bade our thanks and climbed into a water taxi for the exhilarating ride home in the dark...... A smashing day spoilt by a five two loss at backgammon.......
                     EASY GOING EVENING