Colin, Ann, Red Arrows

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Thu 3 Sep 2009 22:56
Colin, Ann and The Red Arrows
Colin and Ann - those of the flying dolphin picture challenge - came to see Jump and Us today. How good was it to catch up??? Instantly Beds introduced himself and Bernie who wrapped themselves around Colin like old chums. My new challenge is to find the treasure of Blackbeard. May take even longer than the first challenge, but as soon as I get back will start making enquiries.
Just as if we had planned it - of course we did - The Red Arrows appeared. We all scurried on to the balcony for quite a good view of their acrobatic precision flying. The seagulls didn't know quite what had hit them and make a hasty exeunt stage left.
With my new beast of a telephoto lens managed to get this chap in a rainbow.
Quite amusing trying to waggle a lens the size of a small accro pole - looking through the view-finder at clouds and trying to catch up. So for a first go without a tripod, quite pleased with these shots.
The pride of the RAF and I loved this shot of them looping through their own jet-stream colours
ALL IN ALL A BRILLIANT - but largely unplanned - DAY