Screw Loose

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 28 Oct 2014 23:57
It’s Official the Captain Has a Screw Loose
IMG_7660  IMG_7657
Before and after.
First thing this morning Bear took off a few patches of gel coat that hadn’t hardened yesterday and redid them. I put the second coat on my five hatch frames. All seemed to begin very well. If you do all the masking I’ll do the filling for you. Marvellous. Never one to dither when an offer comes in, I leapt into action. Yet again the one above the dining table was a challenge but in the end I beat it, well I ended up sitting very still on the table itself and reaching up. The blue masking tape I was given to use ran out and the new roll was a mare. Smooth and odd feeling, if I pulled some off too quick it ripped all wonky and I spent more time dispensing than doing. If I get my way we’ll go back to the crinkly, beige stuff. All done the master filler went into action.
Locked and loaded, a shot of himself in the bedroom.
IMG_7658  IMG_7659  IMG_7662
I had a cunning thought. While you have the gun in your hand would you mind awfully doing the kitchen edge for me. No, once again though, you have to do the masking. Deep joy and thun-de-bolts. Back to the user friendly non-masking masking tape. So pleased when it runs out. It wasn’t cheap you know. Mmmm. Before, my new blue non-friend and during the execution.
One of the Beez Bees was quite impressed with the result.
Back to my chore of the day. Bear went to the store and got the new blinds out. It was like Christmas come early, five boxes to rip into and more cling film than I have ever seen wrapped around each brand spanking new shade. You know when we took the kitchen blind down in January, where are the four screws. Oh, I’ve seen them somewhere odd. Ok is it a secret. No, no idea. He went for his screw box. Nope nothing in a size six. I know, I need to nip out to the chandler, I’ll get you a new set. Won’t be long. While I was waiting I went outside to do another of my least favourite jobs, scrubbing and polishing the hatches. I only do them thoroughly once a year unless they need another go. Every so often I get a flourish come over me and do random pink jobs, with this one however, I find if I can put my forehead on something smooth and cold the feeling soon passes.
Bear came back just as I had finished the second hatch. I’m just nipping off to the other chandlery. I’ve put your screws with your other ones. Thank you, when the shades are finished would it be too much if I asked you to put new sealant all round the bathroom. Same applies. Oh, hello old friend, let’s see if I can use you up. At least it would be a sit down job for a while.
IMG_7668  IMG_7667
Fly screen, shade, thrilled.
The first four went up with team work, one holding one screwing, oo er and I got the job of snapping the tiny screw covers into place. Last one to go up would be the bathroom. Can you tell me where the new screws are. I’ve told you that already. But I cannot find them. Are they in the bag with the lettuce and tomatoes. No. They are in a clear plastic bag. No. How many did you buy. Twelve. No. I’ll look then.
IMG_7665  IMG_7666
Well I’ve seen it all, the captain rummaging in the lettuce and tomato bag WITH A TORCH. Will that help you find them. Plenty of muttering.......I can’t find them. Oh, funnily enough I didn’t find them when I looked in that very bag, just one iceberg and six tomatoes. Yes, I know. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t using a the torch. But I just can’t understand it. Perhaps I’ll nip out in the morning for just the four I need and maybe your elusive twelve will show up. Are you sure you haven’t seen them....... I’ll put supper on then and a quick admiring look at the lounge blind.