The Food of Lanzarote

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 1 Dec 2008 02:40
The Food of Lanzarote

Fresh Fish: A marvellous selection of fish including sea bass, grouper, stone bass, sole and sea bream that can be accompanied by Papas Arrugadas and Mojo.

Smoked Salmon: Norwegian salmon is smoked according to traditional local methods.

Tollos: Strips of sun-dried dog-fish

Shell Fish: In the supermarket we saw King Prawns, Prawns, Mussels, Calimari, crabs and limpets.

Cabrito: Kid (goat) either roasted, grilled or casseroled served with rosemary and potatoes .

Goats Cheese: The local goat cheeses are delicious and must be tried.

Sancocho Canario: A casserole of boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, seasoned “gofio” and salted fish cooked in stock.

Gofio: This is a fundamental basic foodstuff made from cornmeal or wheat flour which is then toasted to produce a tasty, natural and very nutritious accompaniment.

Potajes and Caldo de Millo: These are hearty soups made with local vegetables such as watercress or pumpkin, and pulses. Caldo de Millo is the most time consuming in terms of preparation is a maize based soup again rich with pulses.

Papas arrugadas con mojo: Translated as wrinkled potatoes. These are local small potatoes boiled in their skin with sea salt, served with two or three mojo dips: red (hot made with chillis) green (made with garlic and parsley/corriander) white (mayonnaise with garlic and parsley)

Tomatoes and Onions: Locally produced from non-irrigated land, these have a quality and taste which is respected internationally.



Caldo de Millo, tollos, tomato and onion





Eggs with “mole” sauce: A smooth light foam, rich and sweet, with an exquisite aroma and unforgettable texture.
Gofio Mousse: Delicious and surprisingly light and smooth, like its savoury counterpart made from toasted cornmeal.

Bienmesable: A syrupy dessert made from honey, almonds, eggs and lemon zest, great with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Torrijas: Made with day-old bread which is soaked in milk and baked with a cinnamon and honey crust

Truchas: Sweetly spiced filled puff pastry parcels. Made with either sweet potato or a pumpkin confection, these are traditionally made to present to the family during special holidays.




“Conejero” (the name that is informally applied to the islands inhabitants - meaning “Rabbit People”) wine is considered to have one of the best tastes and aromas in the whole region and this is principally due to the quality of the grape and craftsmanship of the artisans. There is a wine route through La Geria where you can visit cellars. And also find out more history in the El Grifo Wine Museum. We forced ourselves to try El Grifo in white and rose and some of the other local wines.


Paint Bears nose red.
See Pepe wipe his beard with a wet flannel.
Giggle Bear Giggle.
All in all we have enjoyed the food we have bought and prepared as well as one evening date and a couple of lunches.