Pennywell Farm

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 10 May 2010 22:08
A Visit to Pennywell Farm
We got up to a lovely sunny, but cold for me, day and decided on a trip to Pennywell Farm
We met Gnasher, a North European Owl, whose talons can apply 200psi capable of taking a small roe deer
But Josh got to have a cuddle with this very friendly owl
Next it was onto the Red Rocket with daddy
We met a reindeer, a goat, a shire horse an a peacock
Fed a goat and picked hay off a lamb
Ventured up into the tower
Deciding which way to take grandma in the maze
Decision made and off we go
Went on the train with mummy
A llama that thought standing to eat was a waste of energy
Getting ready to give a feed meant holding tightly to the bottle
Feeding a kid
Pigs with funny noses and a huge rabbit
Rounding up the ducks
They enjoyed their feed so much
They settled down to have a good sleep

Pennywell Farm is the largest farm tourist attraction in the south west and is situated just outside the town of Buckfastleigh in South Devon. It is an organic farm situated 600 ft above sea level with views over Dartmoor National Park. Pennywell was opened to the public in 1989 by husband and wife, Christopher and Nicola Murray. The idea was that visitors to the farm would not be spectators but that they would be able to have hands on interaction with the animals. This has continued and half hourly hands on activities with the animals form the basis of the experience. Pennywell now attracts over 70,000 visitors per annum. It is a centre for the breeding of 'pocket pigs' (Pennywell miniature pigs), which are a variant of the New Zealand kune kune breed. It was wonderful for me to return to the place were my own children had performed the nativity in the original barn - how Pennywell has grown.




We watched a sparrow helping itself and said farewell to the famous pigs.