To Hpa An by Ferry

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 10 Dec 2017 23:47
To Hpa An by ‘Luxury Cruise’ Ferry
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Breakfasted and sitting in reception by eight, expecting the ferry taxi to pick us up at ten past for our river cruise to Hpa An at half past. Beginning to fidget by a quarter past and ready to pace by twenty past, the chaps in reception assured us the ferry wouldn’t go with out us as we were on the list. Not reassured but relieved to see a vehicle arrive and others aboard going our way. Six of us and several rather large backsacks, our case and a sholley hurtled through the streets for ten minutes. One of the passengers had had a bag failure and now happily sported and trundled a ladies sholley but in a manful pale blue. The (what we thought was) stewardess ensured all the bags came off our trusty steed and pointed to the jetty.
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One of our tickets.........
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Our ferry – well it did have drinks holders and a nice name badge............
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Nine of us settled, the stewardess told us there was a stop in an hour to see a pagoda and promptly left us to our driver and his friend. Twenty to nine saw us heading toward the bridge, wiggling in and out of fishing nets.
As we neared the bridge, Bear particularly like the dangling electric wire that fed the island monastery and a few houses.
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Passing the island shrine and a few minutes later the monastery.
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We stopped for the pagoda and watched the other passengers bump off in tuk tuks, we wanted a break from being shoeless and sold to so we stayed and enjoyed the boatmen play about with their engines. Two teenaged girls appeared on the jetty and were just about to tip their sacks, spotted us and walked down the bank a little. Said sacks contents tumbled into the river, Styrofoam, plastic bottles and sad.
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We enjoyed watching bananas being thrown from a boat to shore and had a peak of jealousy when the next tourist boat came alongside with car seats, luxury. The others came back saying the pagoda was alright but the tuk tuks had tried to fleece them for more money (the transfer was included in our ferry tickets, was this recompense for the slight difference in the picture on the tickets to what we got ???). On we went and spent the rest of the journey taking in the river traffic and scenery for the next three hours. Happy as jaybirds bobbing along on the water.
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Safely docked, we picked our way through the rubbish, pleased to see our case following.
Ten minutes off the main road and up six sets of ten stairs to our hostel room. Power cuts every six or seven minutes made for a disco feel. We moved the table and bed over for me to have a runway and Ohhhh, that hadn’t been moved for a while. Woke to be accompanied by 408 ants (Bear did a head count, he’s good at that. (One quick ant whisper and they lined up so I only had to multiple the formation......). The three nest lines of marching ants I hair lacquered in place on the wall........but we did love the curtains.
                    LOVELY AND RELAXING