Plan for Peru

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 29 Aug 2010 18:19
Trip to Peru.
Day by Day Plan of Our Adventure




If at all possible, with any internet connections, we will try to do some blogs along the way. If not, there will be a deluge of them on our return. We will have the international mobile phone with us. Number in case of emergencies is +44 759 027 9821.


DAY 1:  Leave on Friday the 3rd of September. Transfer from Beez Neez by minibus to fly out from Port of Spain, Trinidad to Miami and overnight stay.

Day 2:  Lima arrival and overnight at a hotel in Miraflores.

DAY 3:  Lima free day. Hope to do the walking tour to see the Bronze Fountain, the Museum of Religious Art, the Palace of Gobierno and the Cathedral. 

Day 4:  Lima to Puerto Maldonado. Upon arrival transfer to the Wasai Puerto Maldonado Lodge. 

Day 5:  Puerto Maldonado day at leisure.


Day 6:  Tampopata Expedition. 3 Days / 2 Nights
4 hour motorboat trip up the Tambopata river to Wasai Tambopata Lodge and Research Center. During the trip into the heart of the rain forest we hope to be able to observe clouds of butterflies, typical Amazon communities, while groups of birds pass over the boat and animals such as capybaras, turtles and caiman. Reception and accommodation at Wasai lodge. Introductory walk to understand rainforest ecosystems and see some of the amazing trees . Return to the lodge for dinner. We will enjoy diverse sounds of the jungle which will accompany our first night in the Amazon.



Day 7:  Macaw Clay Lick "Collpa"
Wake early (4.30 am) and travel up the Tambopata River for an hour to the Bahuaja- Sonene National Park. We hope to see a magical sunrise and see animals such as capybaras, tapir and deer. If we are amazingly lucky - a Jaguar in the surrounding virgin forest. We will observe one of the greatest spectacles of the rainforest: hundreds of parrots, parakeets and macaws of various species, enjoying their diet of mineral salts on a river bank. We go for a short walk in search of monkeys. We will then have an Ethno botanical trekking through one of the trails.

Day 8: Return to Puerto Maldonado

Day 9: Puerto Maldonado to Cusco. 

Day 10: Cusco City Tour. This tour includes the major sites of historical interest, such as the famous Inca fort at Sacsahuaman and the temple of the Sun.

Day 11: Sacred Valley. Excursion to the Urubamba Valley visiting: the village of Pisac, a picturesque town of creole and colonial aspect and its lndian market and craft fair. In the afternoon visit to the fortress of Ollantaytambo, then the Chincero market. 

Day 12: Free day Cusco

Day 13: Leave for Urubamba river on the Sacred Valley of the Incas (North of Cusco), where we will ride grade three rapids of the Urubamba. 

Day 14: Cusco free day.


Day 15: Cusco to Machu Picchu -overnight in Aguas Calientes
All day excursion by train to Machu Picchu. 

Day 16: Aguas Calientes free day. Plan to spend the morning exploring the ruins. Relax at the local hot springs and enjoy the enormous beauty of Machu Picchu.

Day 17: Aguas Calientes free day. 

Day 18: Machu Picchu back to Cusco

Day 19: Cusco to Puno, Inca Express Bus for about ten hours, across the scenic high Andes landscapes only dotted by small villages and herds of the llamas and vicuñas. Four stops in tourist locations.

Day 20: Puno free day.


Day 21: Uros and Taquille Islands on Lake Titikaka. Two hours in a motorboat to arrive at Uros island, in the Titikaka lake. Fishermen and hunters inhabit the floating islands of the Uros. The residents of the Uros use the cattail, a type of rush, which grows in the lake, to create the conditions that ensure the islands stay afloat. The dense roots that the plants develop support the island. The roofs are waterproof and the houses are extremely humid because of the surrounding water. Then visit to Taquile island, lunch in the co-operative restaurant. Taquile Island is famous for its craft, particularly for its beautiful textiles. The visit could be exhausting because of the five hundred and thirty three to climb to get to the village and because of the altitude (13,000 ft above sea level). On Taquile there are numerous pre-Inca and Inca ruins as well as Inca terracing. 

Day 22: Puno to Arequipa

Day 23: Arequipa free day.

Day 24: Colca Canyon.
Leave Arequipa towards north west behind snow-covered Chachani, Yura small valley with thermal springs, see wild vicuñas in Pampa Cañahuas National Reserve, alpacas and llamas in Tocra, some birds like flamingoes, ibis, Andean goose, ducks and an eagle "Kara Kara". Viewpoint of the Volcanoes and snow covered mountains in Patapampa - 15,000 feet. See the Ampato, Sabancaya, Walca Walca. Chivay, capital of the valley. Thermal springs and pools in La Calera. 

Day 25: Return to Arequipa for a full day excursion on the left shore, beautiful typical towns, like Yanque & Maca, colonial churches, gentle people with typical needlework dresses, hundreds of pre Inca terraces still in use with Andean crops like corn, qinua, kiwicha (Amaranto). Lookout of The Cross of the Condor: see the deep canyon and if good weather, the flight of the Condor. 

Day 26: Arequipa free day.

Day 27: Transfer to Lima.

Day 28: Nasca Lines. A full day excursion from Lima to Nasca, to admire the mysterious Lines. On the way we will visit the Museum of the site. The Maria Reiche tomb. Cut into the stony desert are large number of lines, not only parallels and geometrical figures, but also designs such as a dog, an enormous monkey, a bird with a wing span of over one hundred meters, a spider and a tree. The lines, that represent some sort of vast astronomical pre-Inca calendar, are best seen from the air, we will take a half hour flight above the Lines.

Day 29: Lima free day. 

Day 30: Lima to Huaraz

Day 31/32/33/34: Transfer to The Way Inn Lodge. Treks, mountain biking, horse-riding, relaxing, camera opportunities.

Day 35: Transport from The Way Inn Lodge back to Huaraz

Day 36: Bus Huaraz to Lima

Day 37: Fly from Lima to Bogata, onward to Miami, sleep overnight.

Day 38: Fly from Miami to Baltimore



Day 39: Annapolis Boat Show, the biggest in the world.

Day 40: Return to the boat show.

Day 41: Shopping in the malls of Baltimore.

Day 42: Fly from Baltimore to Miami and onward to Port of Spain. Land at 09:40. Transfer by bus to Customs and Immigration at Crews Inn Chaguaramas then back to Beez Neez at Coral Cove.