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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 20 Jul 2013 22:47
Our First Motu – Tuitui
BB First Raivavae 001  BB First Raivavae 002
Every day we look out of the kitchen window and look at the little motu, well it can be any window depending on which way Beez fancies facing. In the police station we got these pictures from the map on their wall, our motu is at ten o’clock . We waited for a clear day when the lagoon was smoother than when we got soaked coming back from our first trip ashore.  
BB Motu Tuitui 002  BB Motu Tuitui 003  BB Motu Tuitui 006
We had a great fry up, weather settled, sun out, time to explore the motu, Bear wiggled Baby Beez through the coral heads and we landing on the sheltered side on Tuitui. Very different scrambling up a very hard, crunchy coral graveyard and finding definite planting going on. Much bigger than we thought with quite a woodland.
BB Motu Tuitui 005  BB Motu Tuitui 007  BB Motu Tuitui 010
Intrepid explorer leads the way, we bimbled through storm damaged trees and came out on the ocean side to find a lovely sandy beach. Beyond was a wide area of dead coral. Anorak off, steady, well it was a chippy crossing, yes dear.
BB Motu Tuitui 009
To our right we could see the way we had come in in Beez and the bay we walked to yesterday.
BB Motu Tuitui 015  BB Motu Tuitui 017
The area of dead coral was really very big, we saw lots of tube worm cases, clam shells, ferns and lots of other hard coral we recognised having snorkeled over them in Taravai and Akamaru, (not here been far too nippy).
BB Motu Tuitui 019
We walked over it as far as we could and looking back Tuitui looked rather lovely.
BF Motu Tuitui 096
BF Motu Tuitui 104  BF Motu Tuitui 097
BF Motu Tuitui 007
BF Motu Tuitui 014
From out here we could enjoy the power of the ocean, more pictures in Pacific blog. 
BF Motu Tuitui 178
Bear went to check on Baby Beez and pointed out Beez Neez on the way back.
BF Motu Tuitui 159  BF Motu Tuitui 163  BF Motu Tuitui 160
I was waiting for Bear to return, this little chap came up to me, then closer, in fact so close I found myself making the noise of blowing out a candle. He stopped dead in his tracks, looked surprised, made to fly off, then did another fly past looking quite peeved.
BF Motu Tuitui 179  BF Motu Tuitui 180
We sat and watched the clouds, they were moving incredibly fast, harbingers of the storm due in tomorrow.
BB Motu Tuitui 045  BB Motu Tuitui 048  BB Motu Tuitui 059
Time to walk round the edge. It would be wrong on all levels not to get pictures of driftwood, well drift trees.
BB Motu Tuitui 057
A chap, delightful, waited for ages but he refused to come out.
BB Motu Tuitui 061  BB Motu Tuitui 063  BB Motu Tuitui 062
Almost completed our circum-ped when a little shower took us into the Robinson shelter.
BB Motu Tuitui 073
Homeward bound.
BB Motu Tuitui 068
BB Motu Tuitui 075
                    GREAT FUN