A Little Wander

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 29 Mar 2011 21:51
A Little Wander Through Clarence Town
We launched baby Beez and fancied a little wander ashore. We set off for Flying Fish Marina. We stopped to admire the birds on the marina fence, one having a good shake before performing a fly-by - getting to be a new habit after the display boys yesterday. We found no dinghy dock, eventually seeing a ladder up to the high walkway - ominous - only one small German yacht in, the rest sport fishing boats worth millions - even the fishing reels are electronic, the plugs the same size as we use as shore power on Beez. Press button, silent electric doors and more fishing arms than a trawler. We were greeted by a lady who was very nice and helpful. I paid my $5 and settled to a serious amount of blog posting and email catching up. The lady said $8 to park Baby Beez so we planned to move her as soon as I was done to the Government dock closer to town for free. Horrid man appeared, he became nicer when Bear decided he wanted to book a car for tomorrow and in fairness we have had no problems with him really.
We moved Baby Beez and went in search of some lunch. We had to walk beside a ditch that had simply hundreds of jellyfish laying around looking very nasty. Wouldn't want to walk back from a session and fall in there. I hoped to see a wonderful looking hummingbird with an iridescent purple necklace, called a Bahama Woodstar, but other than a few weeds and insects, very few flowers, so little chance.
We found a delightful 'mamma' who only had one bit of chicken but was very happy to fry some fish for Bear. A couple of local beers and our fresh food arrived with rice (cheeky spices) and macaroni cheese
We wandered past the tourist information map, found the sign for the Post Office, Bear needed to post his last payment to the Pension People
In the vestibule we found antique post collection boxes and a delightful lady
Below the Christmas 2010 mailing times was the Beatitudes with a modern take to entertain us
The capital 'city' Clarence Town