Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 30 May 2010 20:49
The Incident with the Trifle at Edith's 60th Birthday Bash
Pudding came in the form of trifle which Mark settled to feed to Jack, started well ??
Face change to mischief ought to set alarm bells ringing ??
Definite trouble ahead ??
A good rummage then a good squadging in the trifle. Does Mark at this point think to move or put down the problem ? NO
Now Jack has a jolly good wash in it
Beginning to run down Mark's arm - Does he put the trifle down now ? NO
Now at least Mark tries to stop the attack
In fact he calls for back up - does he put the bloody trifle down ? - NO
Quietly Jack gets in a well aimed dollop - Mark's posing days are well and truly over ??
STILL the trifle is clung on to for the fourth drubbing
Would butter melt ?
Course it would
LESSON. When "that look" occurs check for intended target
               When target is locked on - sidetrack and remove said target
               When the battle is lost and back up arrives escape the situation
               When all else fails put the bloody trifle down