Leaving Mooloolaba

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 5 May 2016 22:57
Leaving Mooloolaba
At four o’clock we radioed Mooloolaba Maritime Rescue and a nice lady took the details of our upcoming journey. She asked us if we wanted to check in as we passed Noosa Heads but we declined saying Wide Bay Bar would be fine. She asked us to radio five miles before Double Island Point which we promised to do. Our nice lady asked if we had the latest waypoints for the Wide Bay Bar and indeed we had rang earlier in the day and had received them by text message. She bade us a safe passage and off we went, leaving our slot in the Marina at four thirty and headed down the fairway.
IMG_5751  IMG_5752
On our way out the sun was dropping in the sky.
All looked quiet as we had expected. Out of the western breakwater, a little turn to left and wait for deeper water.
Looking to our right the bar wasn’t causing any mischief.
A quick turn back to put the main sail up.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Mooloolaba, one more look back to wave and off we went for the seventy mile journey to Tin Can Marina.
Engine off at half past five for a lovely sail overnight.
It still makes us laugh and we are constantly surprised to fine we have internet on coastal hops. Here is Beez on the online AIS tracking system.
The moon made a shy appearance, we could see a fingernail but the whole circle was just visible. We settled for a very comfortable night with just a few fishing boats out and about and a couple of yachts on the horizon behind us.
                     NICELY DONE