To Biei

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 20 Oct 2017 22:57
A Visit to the Small Town of Biei
IMG_6356  IMG_6359
We boarded a little push-me-pull-you and rode for about forty minutes. Bear loving it.
IMG_6366  IMG_6375
The rail runs down the centre of a fertile plain – mountains each side. Bear pointing to where we are.
IMG_6374  IMG_6376
I loved one of the posters in the station and found where we were on the map.
IMG_6380  IMG_6379
IMG_6378  IMG_6377
We stood and watched a loop of the photo gallery in the station – hard to picture this sunny place being covered in snow. This whole area is famous for growing lavender, expected uses include oil, pillows, scent but we haven’t tried it as the main ingredient in the local ice cream, the colour alone is just plain weird.
IMG_6384  IMG_6385  IMG_6386
First, the serious business of collecting a stamp in our book before heading out of the station to admire the clock opposite. Many lamp posts told us we were indeed in a pretty place. Biei is a small town (population 10,374 in 2016) located in Kamikawa Subprefecture, Hokkaido. The town is famous for its views of wide fields and hills, and is used as a backdrop for many Japanese commercials and TV programmes. The bright colours of its fields attract thousands of visitors in July and August.
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Every Post Office we have seen so far has the English below. A tree that had just lost it’s leaves made for a lovely golden carpet below.
IMG_6390  IMG_6392
We saw some very square houses, every single one with a snow shovel in the porch, then our first acer.
IMG_6394  IMG_6395
A shrine complete with bell and traditionally shaped plantings.
IMG_6403  IMG_6458
A water feature next to the Town Office.
A lovely garden.
IMG_6417  IMG_6420
We bimble away from the town dressed in autumn colours and follow the river.
A wooden farmhouse.
We get to the edge of the lavender fields as the mist spoils our mountain view.
Snow covered Mount Tokachi, the next mountain on the right is Mount Furano.
IMG_6447  IMG_6445  IMG_6440
We head back into town and enjoy the last of summer colours.
IMG_6456  IMG_6455  IMG_6459
We have our first experience of getting a hot and a cold drink from the same machine and settle to drink........
IMG_6449  IMG_6450  IMG_6451  IMG_6460
..........with a delicious éclair each.
 IMG_6466 - Copy
We pop into the 7-Eleven for pot noodle supper – not ready for anything hot from the counter – especially the frilly flip-flop.
We wend our way back to Furano finding Red Bear exactly where we left him.