To Maupiti

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 29 Sep 2013 22:07
To Maupiti - Our Last Island in French Polynesia
BF To Maupiti 004 
BF To Maupiti 008
Engine on at seven, we waited for a cruise ship to come in, went through the pass and waved farewell to the shack with ocean, reef and island views. Just ahead of us was Windarra, who turned to put their main up. We briefly overtook.
BF To Maupiti 045  BF To Maupiti 078
Karl looking cool and a fun shot of Windarra as she passes Beez. 
Bora Bora left behind in the dull, early morning light
Half way with Maupiti ahead.
Onoiau Pass comes into view.
Maupiti Island by NASA
The pass looks really something when seen from space – thank you NASA.
BF To Maupiti 090
First to line up was Windarra.
BF To Maupiti 103
All looks quite normal until you look left and right.
BF To Maupiti 152  BF To Maupiti 180
BF To Maupiti 155
To the right.
BF To Maupiti 117
To the left.
The short washing machine bit.
Last bit.
We were through.
BF To Maupiti 185  BF To Maupiti 186
The well buoyed route turned smooth and the colours began to show. Not sure if this is a welcoming committee or would-be salvagers
The motu on the right has two villages and has a ‘get away from it all’ feel.
BF To Maupiti 200
Windarra turned left into the anchorage, we turned right and headed to town.
We look back to see One White Tree, Windarra and Jehol at anchor.
IMG_5127  BF To Maupiti 219  IMG_5133
We turn at the commercial dock, pass the church and go as far as the map on the IPad says.
BF To Maupiti 223
The coral heads were easy to see and had been marked with posts.
IMG_5134  IMG_5116
Our chart plotter view in big and small scale (very accurate).
We anchor beyond Obatuba from Brazil at one o’clock.
Just perfect, the view to eat lunch to.
A local passes in the shallows in front of Beez, a yacht out at sea.
BF To Maupiti 222
                     PERFECT PEACE AND BEAUTY