Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 9 Apr 2011 22:57
A Snorkel Across the Bay Here at Warderwick Wells Cay
I left Bear scrubbing Baby Beez of grot and barnacles AND bird poop from her new friend. He couldn't come with me as his ankle hurts too much for his flippers. I had an overwhelming urge to go explore. I was gone over an hour, during which time the tide went out enough for Bear to stand on the sand bank behind Baby Beez in water that dropped to chest height. 
Meanwhile I flippered across the bay in water about three feet deep for about a quarter of a mile, the desire to find a coral feeding as opposed to asleep in the sun
In amongst the random turtle grass were billion of tiny black and white shells complete with tiny residents, too big for a meeting or conference so I'll go with Primary Election Rally. I also saw very delicate ferns with patrolling fish one to each fern (in the left picture the fish is on the left, eyes just out of the fern) and bright red coral. Bear has since bought me a coral identification book from the Park Office, something else for me to get anal about and tick off when I've seen, but not to bore, they will remain nameless. But pretty. I saw beautiful pink conch with residents and a pure white one. I ventured to the other side of the bay to see what was around a huge rock and was not disappointed. Playing with buttons on the three year old Olympus I haven't played with here are the results. No words needed or added.
And finally a sand resident actually feeding - chuffed