To Copan

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 9 Jan 2013 23:17
To Copan via San Pedro Sula, Honduras
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Monday evening. Dee, Eric, Bear and I were invited for drinks and a very tasty chicken casserole (cooked by Allen) aboard Nauti-Nauti last night, the perfect send off to the group as we left this morning to head out on the ferry.
Tuesday. Once more on the La Ceiba ferry, this time to hire a car, stop off in San Pedro Sula en route to visit the Mayan ruins in Copan.
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Tuesday evening. The hire car arrived within minutes of the ferry pulling in and off we went on the three and half hour journey to San Pedro Sula. The boys popped in to the hospital to pay a quick visit to Howard and drag Janelle away for supper and a few beers and laughs. The first thing was to book into a B+B which Janelle led us to just next door to the smart looking hospital. Our room was vast and the register now has me booked in as Mrs. British Citizen as our non English speaking bell hop called me after confusing which was my name and Nationality in my Passport. The hotel we guessed once belonged to a wealthy Honduran and now provided a very comfortable place to stay with classic staircase. We took Janelle to a local Chinese restaurant where the five of us had copious beers and good food for a total of thirty pounds. A good night sleep and a breakfast not for the faint hearted served in Styrofoam and complimented with a box of apple juice and a cup of coffee set us up for the day. We popped to the hospital where I waited in the café to see Janelle while the others paid a brief visit to the recovering Howard.
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The view up and down the street from Dee and Eric’s balcony accessed through their bathroom ??? The white hospital building just visible on the left.
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On the road once more, we overtook a Mascafe as opposed to a Nescafe truck. Passed many women and children drying coffee beans in the sun and passed many small villages and towns during the four hour journey to Copan.
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By and large the road surfaces were not too bad but there so many massive sleeping policemen, each time Dee and I flinched as the car scraped over these monstrous lumps. Perhaps there is something in riding horsepower in single figures.
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Out in the countryside the views were of fertile volcanic plains with mountains in the background.
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A not so pleasant view on the roadside.
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With Eric driving and Bear navigating we soon arrived at the little B+B Lady Mac had suggested when a group of yachties had visited Copan from the Rio Dulce. Beds having chosen the bed and the hire car safely stowed in the hotel garage it was time to go for a late lunch.
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The Town Square is the focal point for this small town famed for the Mayan ruins of the same name.
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My chicken lunch complete with melon was very filling. I could have easily snuggled up behind this resting hound. Time for a short wander to the tourist information centre which sadly was in one corner of a very nice bar – rude not to was the vote. Dee became our tour guide and planned tomorrows visits.
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Quaint houses, Copan nestles amongst steep roads and skinny side streets
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After an early evening stroll and poking around some grockle shops with some very beautiful souvenirs we decided on a pizza supper.
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The town even had a couple of ‘One Careful Owners’.
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