SMK Negeri 3 School

SMK Negeri 3 School Visit
We pulled in through the school gates and .........WOW, the whole school was waiting for us – all five hundred and three students, who had excited been waiting since eight this morning. More than one of our group had to swat down goose pimples, a few nudged tears and had trouble swallowing over the lump in their throats.
The traditional welcome.
IMG_6885  IMG_6886
Welcome dance and then we walked through a guard of honour.
IMG_6888  IMG_6890
Mark (Coomera) and Cherie (Grasshopper) pose with the teenagers.
Treated like rock stars, hundreds of photographs. Bear had girls squealing with delight when he kissed their hand.
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We settled in a room where the headmaster spoke in English, clearly thrilled to have us here. He chatted afterwards. We were served iced juice and cakes as Cherie gave thanks on behalf of the group.
The catering students had prepared a meal of noodles, fresh sauces, tofu, pineapple, cucumber and delicious soup.
Some students staged a pose and the headmaster (three years in post) joined us. During his welcome speech he told us that 80% of his students were girls and three subjects were taught - Catering and Entertainment, Tourism and Travel, and Hotel and Management. Everyone spoke a little English and were keen to practise.
Invited to visit classrooms as we fancied, we went to thank the students who had prepared lunch.
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The headmaster and the pupils were keen for us to visit ‘their tree’. It began life as a coconut that over the years has been somewhat overgrown with strangler fig.
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Hundreds of poses later, we had to go for a formal picture at the front of the school.
Formal pictures done, there was time for a few more poses before we had to leave, sadly.