To Beaufort

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 11 Jan 2012 23:51
To Beaufort, South Carolina and Bimble
BF to Beaufort SC 003  BF to Beaufort SC 004
Beez Neez had a bedmate last night, an American boat called Plover came in to anchor after us, it shows how huge the waterway is and demonstrates how people from the east coast cannot grasp the English ‘hose pipe ban’. Mind you at high tide we still can’t get round the back of green marker 177. We were up and off at eight o’clock as we were keen to pull in to Beaufort Marina at slack tide.
BF to Beaufort SC 009
Our journey was only eleven miles and timed to get through the Lady Island Bridge at the eleven o’clock opening. All safe and engine off at eleven fifteen, just before a short downpour
BB Beaufort SC Bimble 014
Later in the afternoon we went to check in. The same ladies as in May welcomed us, including the one who had warned Bear she would “Bird dawg” him if he was longer in the courtesy car than the permitted hour. We had a good laugh at the memory and then went for a short bimble in the afternoon sun. The days are lovely averaging around twenty two degrees most days, but as soon as the sun goes down it gets a bit chippy.
BB Beaufort SC Bimble 020  BB Beaufort SC Bimble 024
We sat on a bench by the Stephen Elliott Memorial (own blog) and watched a yacht go through the bridge, the traffic queue built up quickly on the other side of the river. Later the office ladies said they can easily wait between ten and fifteen minutes, (rarely any longer but it does occasionally happen if there is a fault), but irritating to those who have to use the road on a regular basis. Half past and on the hour openings means that up to half an hour each hour the traffic is stopped - now we know why most bridges stay closed to us folk at peak commuter times. On balance its better for us to have the minor irritation of waiting.

BB Beaufort SC Bimble 012


We remembered the stunning houses in Beaufort and wonder if there are as many for sale this visit as there were in May, we will no doubt find out


BB Beaufort SC Bimble 031  BB Beaufort SC Bimble 029

BB Beaufort SC Bimble 032


The traditional sweet shop has some great characters outside and the cars are on sale for $1,395


BB Beaufort SC Bimble 035


On our way back to the girl we stopped and read a sign about the rare Right Whale, would love to see one


BB 3rd Beaufort 006


The girl on a long pontoon with the bridge behind her