Major's Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 19 Feb 2011 23:41
Major's Bay, St Kitts
The water between Nevis (top) and St Kitts is called the Narrows it plays host to the annual St Kitts Cross Channel Swim, an event ten years old this year. The race starts from Oualie Beach, Nevis and ends in Cockelsheel Bay (above) on St Kitts. Last year ninety seven swimmers took part, as a memorial to Bente Weber, a Nevis Cycle and Triathlon Club member who lost his battle with cancer. It is a fun swim for many as flippers and masks are allowed, the serious can take part and the record holder for the two and a half miles is held by Rhian Purdy at one hour, five minutes and twenty one seconds. We motored this arduous distance and settled alone in Major's Bay to the left of Cockleshell Bay. Another island in an hour.
The first thing we saw after anchoring and jumping in Baby Beez, was a big stingray, no good in the pictures as she didn't come up for air. We walked ashore to explore the salt pond behind the beach to see if we could find any birds. Bear thought I had a bit of withdrawal after Montserrat. I took this picture of the girl from along the road.
Above us was a family of hawks
I was just getting Bear to paddle in to photograph this aggressive little man, when a fisherman rounded Bear, caught him in his cast net, ripped off his claws, shoved them and his body in his bucket and off he went, no sooner the word than the blow, without a by your leave. I was speechless - makes a change.
Have you ever seen a zoom lens used as a cudgel.
Bear has,
Run Bear Run.
How to spoil a perfectly good, warm, sunny day.
We sat on the beach and watched the little ferry come and go. The service runs every other hour, until seven, loads backwards to have the vehicles come off forward
I watched the crab murderer - now in the centre of the pond - doing his stuff for a while
Then as Bear was folding the beach blanket - in the only flowering tree on the beach was this really fast chap