SW Flowers & Birds

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 2 Mar 2012 11:17
The Flowers and Birds We Saw at SeaWorld
BB Sea World 001  BB Sea World 002
BB Sea World 003
We left Beez in safe hands at Titusville Marina, bade her a fond farewell and hit the road, en route to Miami International (flying on the 5th), only four big cases this time - that’s probably because you packed less smalls.
Watch Pepe’s lip curl.
Have you ever seen a tourist map rolled up and used to spear someone in the chest.
Bear has
Careful Bear, Careful
Forty miles away is SeaWorld, a Big Bear choice so off we went. I have to admit the closer we got the more excited I got – to finally see Shamu.
BB Sea World 005  BB Sea World 006
We parked the car and saw blooms, hard to believe in the glorious heat that we have just entered March.
BB Sea World 015
As soon as we entered the park we saw a pond and went to investigate
BB Sea World 010  BB Sea World 012
BB Sea World 013  BB Sea World 014
BB Sea World 019  BB Sea World 016
Chaps were happy to ‘turn this way or that’
BB Sea World 020  BB Sea World 055
Nice water feature – Ummmmmm........
BB Sea World 054  BB Sea World 053
....... I prefer yours to mineSteady on, but I have to agree
BB Sea World 220  BB Sea World 224
We have seen this chap in the wild chomp on a red fiddler crab – he really wasn’t sure what to make of this floppy fish. And this spoonbill had no idea what to make of a blue marigold
BB Sea World 009
A wild one ‘nicking’ nesting material
BB Sea World 260  BB Sea World 262
We have been told if you ever see a flamingo in the wild he’s “on the run as he’s done a runner” from somewhere
BB Sea World 264  BB Sea World 263
Gunnies Trigger Finger – no comment
BB Sea World 007
We even got a picture with a few chaps
BB Sea World 265
and a special gluteus bird for Bear