To Bequia

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 2 Dec 2009 23:35
A Happy Return To Beautiful Bequia
We left Hillsborough at 08:45 for the thirty three mile sail to Bequia on the 2nd December
Thought I'd better slip in a Skipper Hoisting
We had a cracking sail and as we approached we saw a rainstorm off St Vincent - plenty of charter boats about
A stunning day
Still fascinating
Star Clipper in Harbour
She is just shy of four hundred feet, usually has a crew of one hundred and two hundred guests. We spoke to one of the guests who told us that this was her first cruise in the Caribbean this season. She spends half the year in the Mediterranean and half here. On this particular cruise she had just over a hundred cruisers and everyone was having a really good time. You can see her size compared to the forty foot catamaran. The little boat at her front right is the shuttle ferry used to get the passengers ashore for fun in the sun. As it passed me as I was having a swim off the back of Beez, I saw the start of the word Lux......., I assumed Luxury. When it went back the other way, I saw it from the other side and saw Bourg. I asked Bear what he thought Bourg was just as more happy cruisers were being shuttled to the beach. He said,
Perhaps if you put the two bits together it may indeed say Luxembourg.
Watch for the warning signs
Paint Pepe's face a dangerous bright hue of red
Can Bear breathe underwater
Watch the bubbles rise
Splutter Bear Splutter
The day ended badly for Pepe as she was beaten at Backgammon AND Sequence -
Huff Pepe Huff
So here is a pretty picture of "LuxuryBourg" in all her glory
Still my favourite house. Some pretty houses. Bear said I see the lady still has her washing out - "yes dear, she still has her market stall" - silly boy.
We didn't go ashore as we were only here for the night under the yellow flag. The town and ferries looks just as we remember it, looking forward to spending longer here next time
All lit up and a huge full moon