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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 19 May 2017 22:57
Camel Creek Adventure Park for Andrew’s Third Birthday
We began our time aboard Maud on this coast, nipped down to Fowey on the other coast and here we are heading back up, this time to Camel Creek Adventure park. Up early this morning to do the perishable shop for Andrew’s third birthday.
IMG_2106  IMG_2107
Birthday boy arrived and we soon had bubbles.
IMG_2112  IMG_2113  IMG_2115
After a bite to eat the ladies and all the small people went off to have fun while the menfolk erected awnings, put up tents and gazebos, probably testing a beer or two. We loved the way this groups of friends scooped up any one of the children and went on the first ride.
Delight for all ages on the swings.
IMG_2118  IMG_2119  IMG_2120
Grandma with her birthday boy.
IMG_2121  IMG_2122  IMG_2124
Later, during a football match I spotted Miff wearing a pair of ‘bald’ socks – in fact I went to rip them off. A messy tussle, we look like two sparring hippos.....(all because I had replaced all his socks and there had been a promise for scruffy ones to have been thrown out.
The group settled to a take-away supper of fish and chips. Proper celebrations on the morrow when more friends arrive.
                     GREAT DAY FOR THE KIDS