Beez to Auckland

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 11 Mar 2014 23:57
Finally We Leave Beez Neez and Here We are in Auckland
Wednesday began with the now dry window blinds being stowed in a bag. Our bedroom one to be placed as permanent, its only a tiny window and mostly covered with the captains ‘bits’ that he puts on top of the handful of books that live there. Steady. It’s true. Well anyway. Bear had bought himself a new butter knife in Arthur’s Emporium on our day trip to Whangarei as Beez had managed to misplace his........ Spring cleaning the said shelf, what did I find down behind the books, yep, his original butter knife, well my new one was only twenty five pence........... Mmmm, note to Bear, don’t do the tucking stuff anymore. The skipper has been seen doing such a variety of jobs all day every day and falling in to bed each night. We get through half an episode and end up with the second half over breakfast. Slowly, we finished Damages, the first season of Breaking Bad (must get more) and the first season of Chicago Fire.
Thursday Bear sprang up the ladder, all of a rush after his morning ablution, quick I need the camera, there’s a crane going through a boat. Well I never, I haven’t seen Bear move that swiftly for quite some time. Back he came very pleased with his pictures, seen above.
Friday came and went with Barry appearing toward the end of the day to rebuild the engine injectors and fuel system, off after ten minutes to deal with a boat launch, returning later with Marcus. Not done, they promised to finish off Monday morning. Mmmmm.
Saturday passed in a frenzy of packing. I managed to lean over the stew pot to turn off the gas and burnt my left breasticle, mid copious laughter and froze the other one cleaning out the fridge.
Sunday. Rod and Mary came back from a few days out in the Bay of Islands, we were not one bit jealous – much. They pulled on to the visitors dock, gave us a call and off we went for a quick visit. Mary kindly handed Bears anorak back and I handed over mine (the one I should have given her in the first place). We admired their sewing, what a fine conservatory they have now.
Monday dawned bright and busy. Washing on, nip back to hoover through. Back to laundry to put it in the tumble dryer, nip back to cook the bacon for the BLT’s to take with us. Bear trotted over to collect as I was putting the sarnies together. All ready, just, by one. All jobs finished, well as the engineers didn’t show up (I’d already put money on that, but it is their busiest time of the year with boats launching every day and we are not in a rush), which meant the office still looks like a tip. Baby Beez is still on holiday so her new seat hasn’t been made, my sewing hasn’t started and I am still on varnishing strike so the cockpit edge hasn’t been done. On Bears list, the hull polish, anti-fouling, service all the winches, re-sealing the rubbing strake, re-bed the chain plates and re-marking the anchor chain. So a bit to do before we can launch the girl when we get back to her at the end of May.
At one o’clock Rod and Mary very kindly came to collect us to take us the short way up the hill to the bus stop. Short walk if you are not pulling a small cart behind you with a back sack and a carrier bag. I think we would still be pulling our cases now had we been doing it alone........
IMG_8799  IMG_8798
Quick stop half way for a leg stretch and the BLT’s
On the bus at one thirty with David our driver. One hundred and forty miles as one adult and one ‘golden age’, I’m not sure I approve of that, I can think of a few other less favourable ways to put it............. Yes dear. Anyway our bus fare was twenty nine pounds from Opua to Auckland
IMG_8800  IMG_8801
Arriving after six with no idea where the local buses were or indeed where we were, we found a taxi. Our driver told us he had been in New Zealand for fourteen years and drove taxis part time to supplement his pension. He came originally from Kabul, Afghanistan – a very cuddly man who could easily double up as an older version of George Clooney. He surprised us when he said he was sixty nine, didn’t look a day over sixty. Our seven miles journey hurt as it cost thirty four pounds. Ouch.
We were welcomed at the Best Western by a very nice lady who handed over a welcome cup of milk, a pair of wi-fi codes and the promise of helping us to find the right bus into the city on the morrow. Beds tested the very bouncy bed in our big room, huge after Beez.
IMG_8806  IMG_8809
Bear knew he was in for a soak in a bath but his surprise from me was that I had booked a room with a large spa bath. This upgrade was the same price as having breakfast, so I brought three bags of rationed muesli for Bear and three measured bags of Coco-Pops for me. While himself settled to his well earned water massage, I trotted down the road for some milk and basic supplies to put the kitchenette to good use. I came back with a few bits and bobs and – yes – no milk. Numpty. Within minutes of me being back to base the room took on a different look. Bed untucked and turned down, nightwear laid out, pillows set, lamps on and a drink delivered to my now very pink and crinkly husband. My first bath in two years, blooming luxury.
A slow start to the day. Bear trotted to the shop for milk, found crumpets (as we have a toaster) and got down to producing tea and a late breakfast. Advised which bus stop to use, we had a wiggly journey of nearly an hour that saw us to the city centre. The sum was a small dint compared to the taxi ride. Cost, two fifty each. Bear got his watch back from its service, then a taxi to find the Mac shop as his laptop charger had died. This chap said he was happy to go off meter as he was going “that way” for his afternoon job, driving buses. We had gentle symphonic music as our Yugoslavian gem didn’t mind poor instructions. They were not poor, I got the address off the internet, it wasn’t my fault the place didn’t exist. Yes dear. Our driver found us another repairer and they kindly tested the wires, located the trouble and fixed it. Directed to a bus stop, we enjoyed watching the world go by and some time later we were on a bus back to the city. Nothing for it, McDonald’s – part of our quest to eat in one in every country we find one – just one that is. Outside was a very small man making a huge noise with his didgeridoo. Left hand organising his instrument, while his right was hitting a bass sound on one side and cymbals on the other of his tiny keypad.
My watching him for five minutes saw the bus we wanted slip away on the other side of the road. More sitting and people watching then. The next bus coincided wit Uni home time. All those bright young things. The young lady who ended up standing next to the now nodding Bear, was telling her neighbour that she was studying advanced maths and string theory. I wish her luck with that then. A handsome chap along the way. Back in our room after six hours and a total of three shops. Bath time then.................Final picture has to go to Beds – arrrrrrrrrr.